The Selection Series by Kiera Cass

I discovered the Selection Series by Kiera Cass while I was browsing in my iBooks some YA releases and I was curious of what was out there.  I believe at the time I was knees deep in Romeo & Rimmel’s love story from the #Hashtag Series by Cambria Hebert that was my first review on this blog and I do believe I went in to pre-order #Poser that day.  I did notice the very impressive cover, I mean it is lovely but as I read the extract, I decided to put in on my to read list sometimes in the future.

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The funny thing is that I do not even remember buying the books, but on Sunday as I was pretty much done binge watching UnREAL again, I do not know what made me grab in iPad and look for those books.  I found them already sitting there and at around 10:30 PM I started reading.  Well I read the first one The Selection, and at 3 AM I could’t put it down and got into the second book straight away The Elite.  I did put the iPad down at 6:30 AM only cause the battery ran out and all I had was 5% left, plus I had stuff to do and could not sleep all day!

But I can tell you that every second I had, I was reading and funny enough I finished all 3 yesterday afternoon.  I cannot tell you what makes a good book review or all of these thumbs up and down, but I do believe the fact that I could not stop, should be loud and clear enough.

I even finished the Heir which is book 4 and read two of the Novellas (The Prince and The Guard)! Now I have to wait till May for book 5 which is the Crown and I cannot tell you if this one will be the last of the Series or not.

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But here you have it, another dystopian future YA novel, has anyone noticed how many of those there are?  Not that I want to have a massive discussion on this right now, but why does a lot of people think our future is so bleak? I realise our present isn’t fun and dandy but still…  We might grow up and get over ourselves to live in a good world a la Star Trek Federation.  But I would guess bleak futures make for better storytelling.


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