#Junkie by Cambria Hebert

Boy oh boy!

As you know, I started this blog just a couple of months ago and I decided to put my favourite little series from 2015 as my first post.  I will save you the trouble and that first post was about the Hashtag Series by Cambria Hebert.

New year, new book and new series…  Go Cambria!


However, unlike the Hashtag series (Which I might starting referring to as “Origins”) we are going from the classical boy meets girl model to boy meets boy model.  Thus the first sentence of this post.

Spoiler Alert!!!

We met Drew in #Poser (if I am not mistaken) and well Trent has been a beloved fixture since #Nerd.  They meet in #Poser, get along discover a common love for Mustangs (methinks) and from the way things look become besties.  #Junkie takes off from there where feelings change and best friends become more…

I will admit that this is my first time reading an M-M love story from start to finish.  In a lot of books I have read over the years, you would have a gay or lesbian couples as part of the story as secondary characters; or you know the “undecided one” where we all knew he/she was gay…  I digress!

But this is my first, and I think Cambria at the end said that it was her first to write as well!

You know what though, I realised as I was reading the last few chapters at 5 am (I couldn’t put it down) that the style of writing and the overall feel was so much more mature in comparison to #Nerd.  I actually surprised myself when I noticed, because I tend to be more focused on the story and what’s going to happen next than style and all that stuff I used to have to think of in Lit class.

I have nothing bad at all to say about #Junkie it was so sweet and at moments heartbreaking without the cheese that was sometimes present in Hashtag.  I loved it, I mean L-O-V-E-D it and cannot wait for the next book!

However, as a HUGE R&R addict, well I would have loved more Romeo, Rimmel, B and Ivy.  I will not deny that they were included and referred to, but considering Drew lives in the same house, I had hoped for more.  I figure dear Cambria you will take this under consideration for the next book.  Pretty Please!!!!!!

So here you have it, I hope you enjoy it like I did and let me know what you think!


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