Twisted Stars (Hardest Mistakes #2.5) by Dannielle Wicks



Twisted Stars
Dannielle Wicks
Genres: Young Adult Paranormal

Ashlee Reynolds couldn’t be more ordinary…

While most college freshmen are partying and going on wild adventures, nineteen-year-old Ashlee just goes to classes, works, and hangs out with friends. It’d be nice to have some excitement in her life—or even better, a little romance. When her wish comes true, a midnight rendezvous lands her in the hospital…

There was this boy. Isn’t that how every spiralling downhill story begins? It’s a little strange he wants to meet her on the edge of the woods at night, but she did want to spice things up, and an unconventional date is the perfect ingredient. But when he stands her up, leaving her alone in the dark, she’s attacked by a wild animal. The next day, Ashlee wakes up in the hospital, dazed, confused, and convinced she’s gone crazy.

When strange things begin to happen, she meets Jayden Ross, who brings crazy to a whole new level…

After her seemingly random attack, other beasts of the feline and canine variety are drawn to her—and we’re not talking housecats and lapdogs. When Ashlee bumps into Jayden on campus, her immediate attraction tempts her to get closer, but he wants nothing to do with her—until he realizes she’s had an encounter with one of the others.

Ashlee learns Jayden isn’t entirely human, and nothing is what is seems.

On the run and fighting for their lives, Ashlee and Jayden weave their way through a world of powerful corporations and their secret experiments, all of which revolve around Jayden’s past—and possibly, their future.



I was more than halfway through the book when I went to Goodreads and realised it was part of a series of books.  So, if you are like me not to worry it is pretty much standalone.

I surprised to see that it was not a long book, it is actually short and with a good pace to it.  It has enough mystery surrounding the male lead Jayden to make you start asking yourself the good questions namely: what the heck is his deal?  But not in a bad way, I am known to be impatient and curious I was lucky to see that my questions were answered quickly enough with a twist.

I liked it, it was good in a way that you can somewhat relate to the characters that have been thrown in paranormal settings.  There were a couple of surprises here and there and I think in a way I wished there was more.  At least I wanted to know more.

Since I haven’t read the previous books in the series, I cannot speculate as to what could be happening next if this is a #2.5 what would #3 be?  But I am glad to have discovered this lovely new author and I will have to go back to the previous 2 books in the series sometimes soon so that I am up to date with everything. I sure will let you know once that happens.

In the meantime, I suggest you grab it and enjoy!

Author’s Bio:

Dannielle Wicks is the author of the Hardest Mistakes series (Broken Sunrise, Book 3, coming soon) and the Reaper Mini-Series.

Dannielle lives in Kingaroy, Australia, with her fiance, 3 dogs and a bird named Torak. Since deciding never to become an adult, she has engrossed herself in the amazing world of young adult fiction and an unusual amount of TV. She adores Disney movies and cant get enough of classic fairy tales. When she’s not busy writing, she can be found sneaking a chocolate from the fridge.


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