The Passion Season (Covalent Series #1) by Libby Doyle

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The Passion Season (Covalent Series #1)
Libby Doyle
Published by: Fairhill Publishing LLC
Expected Publication Date: March 20, 2016
Genres: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 978-0-9972985-0-5
Number of pages: 303 in ePub
Word Count: 117,259
Cover Artist: Damonza

In loving her, he breaks laws that have existed for millennia. In loving him, she overcomes her pain, but to discover his true identity would shred her reality.

He is Barakiel. Warrior. Exile. Hopeless romantic. Barakiel is Covalent, a race of ancient beings who use their great power to keep the elemental forces of Creation and Destruction in Balance. The Covalent Council exiled Barakiel to the Earthly Realm as the price of the treachery of his father, Lucifer, who wages perpetual war against it. Lucifer also relentlessly pursues his son. The Council thinks Lucifer views his son’s power as a threat, but Barakiel knows his father seeks to destroy even the memory of love.

She is Alexandra “Zan” O’Gara. FBI Agent. Army veteran. Recovering drunk. Zan’s troubled past left her with little interest in men, but she had never encountered anyone like the stunning Rainer Barakiel. Zan believes Rainer is a wealthy businessman with expertise in edged weapons who can help her with a case. From the moment she meets him she wants him more than she’s ever wanted anything, but her intense attraction is as frightening as it is thrilling.

This is their love story. As Zan’s deepening feelings for Rainer lead her to confront her emotional damage, he struggles to meet the demands of his home world so he will be free to love her, and to reveal his true nature. Through the gruesome crime that first brought Zan to his door, Barakiel learns that his presence in the Earthly Realm has placed some of its most vulnerable citizens in danger. Compelled to protect them, he undertakes a series of duties he may not survive, even as Zan rescues him from centuries of a deadened heart.

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Back in March, I was luck to be part of the Release Day Blitz and I had been dying to read the book and have the opportunity to review.  I can tell you straight that I was not disappointed in a bit and I went I hit the last page, I was dying for more!

Boy was I not disappointed, the Passion Season is awesome and I cannot wait to read the next in the series.  I would need to start from the beginning and talk about our main characters Zan and Barakiel.  Talking of Barakiel, well he is a Covalent and the Covalents have been fighting for a long long time the forces of Lucifer and his Demons, and btw Barakiel is Lucifer’s son.

It made me wonder who the Covalents really are as the more I thought about it and reading the descriptives, they felt to me like more technologically advances Angels.  Let’s face it they do not have wings, but come on!! Ok So Lucifer was a Covalent and then he turned bad and is fighting against them!  Am I crazy if I associate this is with the whole Lucifer got pissed off at God and then fell from Grace?  Now you might say that my obsession with Angels is having me project them everywhere, but let us be fair guys…. remember Lucifer? Well my brains decided the association and I am sticking with it.

At the end of the day, it is just my opinion and I am more than happy to hear yours as well, would you agree or disagree?

Back to the story and Barakiel and Zan (one of us humans) fall in love and well let’s say it is tough because well as a Covalent Barakiel is not supposed to and well Zan doesn’t know who he is.

That is enough spoilers for now!!

Let’s see the book is a wonderful read, though it is not a super fast pace, it goes well enough that it doesn’t get too slow and there is so much happening between what goes on in the Covalent world and ours.  These are troubled times and I love the general ambiance of the book, you get so caught in, well at least I did.

It should come then as no surprise when I tell you that I highly recommend it and it was such a surprisingly captivating and brilliant book and I cannot wait for the next one!  It is going to be super hard to wait for it, but sadly we have no choice.



About the Author:

Libby Doyle is the pen name of an attorney and former journalist who took a walk around the corporate world and didn’t like it. Considering she’s written an extravagant yarn filled with sex and violence, she thought a pen name would be prudent. She also thinks it’s kind of fun.

Libby grew up on the East Coast of the United States. She attended college in the 1980s and became immersed in the underground music scene. She met talented people and troubled people. She met people who taught her what it means to be your own person. In the 1990s, she went back to school to get a master’s degree in journalism. Before beginning work in her chosen field, an attack of wanderlust set her traveling. For all that Libby loves books, she believes nothing compares to the education of travel.

After her wanderings, she returned to her career. For more than a decade, Libby worked as a journalist, until her interests led her to law school. She kept her full-time job while attending law school at night, the most brutal experience she’s ever had. She cursed her own stupidity countless times as her body and mind became sick with exhaustion, but she’s glad she did it.

Libby knows she’s a lucky woman. She’s had countless adventures, memories that feed her imagination. She stood atop a hill in Connemara in a cold wind, watching sunlight sparkle off the pristine sea below. She crested a trail after a grueling hike to find the glory of the Continental Divide spread before her. She was followed by a howler monkey in a Mexican jungle, shared the midday meal with Buddhist monks in Korea, and got pummeled by an opponent in a martial arts test in Japan. She trekked for days among the Himalayas, mountains so high and timeless they made her feel completely insignificant.

She’s married to a man who is funny and kind and patient enough to listen to her chatter on about her characters. They’re not even real, but she feels like they’re her friends. She’s confident they’ll keep you entertained. Through her fanciful tale, she hopes they speak to you.

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