Catch Me if You Can by Juliette Cosway

I always liked the Regency novels, they are always fun filled with strong willed maidens and dashing lords, very predictable endings but some are really super fun reads.  Though, I have been immersed in Mythologies lately Catch Me if you Can was a nice change of pace and style.

Catch Me if you Can

Here we have a feisty independent miss Eleanor Craven raised by her single dad and it is fair to see that she way ahead of her time in terms of her behaviour and personality for the era.  It comes at no surprise that I really liked her as a character, from one feisty miss independence to another, another character that I really liked was also her dad.

Then Eleanor meets Mr. Rivers or should I say just Rivers and sparks fly all over England, a crossover sailing to New York and all the way to California in an exciting trip across the plains.

I really do not want to give you more spoilers as I feel I have said enough.

The book was fast and easy to read, with some moment that made me laugh and I felt that it was very easy to feel drawn and attached to Eleanor.  How can we not, she certainly isn’t one of those dull boring society misses with nothing in their heads.  I always feel bad for women of that era; I don’t think I would last more than 5 mins if I were to be treating like decoration.

That aside, Rivers also has quite a bit of back history and though he went quite often alpha male spouting orders (silly men!!!), it was nice to see him embrace all of those uncommon qualities that made Eleanor.

On a side note, I thought the cover was really lovely. I do not always pay attention to covers, though sometimes they are hard to ignore but looking at it again, it is indeed quite lovely and striking, crazy angles and bold colors choices. Ha! Now I sounded like Tyra in judging session on ANTM (I admit, I used to watch it!).  What do you guys think?

Back to business, the book was really great, fun and sweet.  For all of you Regency lovers out there, Catch me if you can is pretty much a safe bet and a jolly entertaining time!

Oh and for those who enjoy a rating: 5 stars



Author Bio:

Juliette Cosway is a self-confessed crazy cat lady, a red wine lover, and a day dreamer who adores history and romance. As soon as Juliette could haul a bag of books reading became her constant companion.

By the age of eleven Juliette’s Great Aunt Dorothy had introduced her to romance, including many delicious historical romances. Juliette’s love of the genre became deeply ingrained from that moment on.

Juliette also loves costume dramas, classic movies, and visiting historical buildings and gardens. You’re still most likely to find her with her nose buried in a book, and you can bet it’s a historical romance!

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