The Enlighten Series by Kristin D. Van Risseghem

It is so cruel to have been given the chance to review the first 2 books of this series and leave me at the end of book 2 with a massive cliffhanger and have no idea when the next book is coming out.

That is cruel, cruel and cruel…

I imagine that you all realize the fact that I am starting with my annoyance of being left like this, is because I really liked the series a lot.  Though I will admit that there are a few bits here and there that I do not know what to make of but overall, I loved the story line and we have massive room for a lot of developments and twists as I have seen in the first books.

Let me start with the first book where we get to meet teenage best friends Zoe and Kieran.  They live in small town, USA and have had pretty good until out of the blue they get attacked and Zoe’s life changes forever when secrets she was not aware of get revealed and she meets sword-branding Shay who helps save her life.

To make a long prophesy short, Zoe discovers she is possibly an angel born to save the world from the destruction Satan wants to usher, that Kieran is her guardian angel and hottie Shay is a Nephilim also sent to protect her.

Maybe I should mention that Shay is also Zoe’s soulmate…

I have given you plenty of information, but of course Satan aka. Sam wants her dead and she still has to come to terms with who she is and what has been kept hidden from her, for her whole life.

As the first book of a series, this was really a nice introduction, though it really cover pretty much a duration of a week from the first page to the last page of the book. In terms of the timeline, there is not a lot of it that passes but we have a lot of action, revelations and twists.

Because of that, the book goes on really quickly and it a nice page turner, it had a good pace to it and a steady rhythm that made me enjoy it quite a lot.  Actually, as I was reading it on Kindle; I did not even realize that I hit the end of it and it came as a surprise.

In terms of the characters, we have Zoe our main girl; is she an angel? we think so based on 2 bodyguards she has and the fact she keeps being attacked by demons.  I really liked her in the first book and I think she has dealt with the revelations quite well.  Though in her place, I would have freaked out a lot lot more…

This will make a fine transition into book 2 and this is where same as book 1, the time spam of it is also quite short, however this book introduces more characters and new lands.

This is where, though I enjoyed the book very much; I felt like I had a lot of questions.  Shay got kidnapped by demons and held hostage for a while and Zoe, though worried did not react as I expected. She was worried about Shay, but I would have been frantic in her place.

We have new characters joining in our little group and more attacks with some epic fights.  More fighting come with more heartbreaking deaths.  The action picks up and I felt the second book did not span enough time.

This is the part when I am going to hit you with some spoilers.

Based on the prophecy, Zoe will come into her full angelic powers when she gets 18 which based on the books are quite a quite a while away.  But we are still away from her birthday at the end of book 2, and it makes me wonder in which volume we will hit her 18th bday at the pace we are going.  To be honest, I have expected that we would cover more time here and that we would be there already.

This makes me wonder at the number of volumes included in the series, which is very reminiscent for me of the Soul Savers Series.  This series had 7 volumes, and it looks like our Enlighten Series may be following the same path.  Both are really complex and with a lot of characters and a plot that becomes more complex as we go.

I know I have not mentioned our 2 boys Kieran and Shay, both angels (though Shay is half) both gorgeous, wonderful fighters and both in love with Zoe, though she is crazy in love with Shay only.  They are both interesting characters and I am guessing their dynamics with each other and Zoe will evolve more over time as things change.

There is one character that I loved because she is feisty and fabulous and if you want to know who I am talking about it is Sidelle.  She is wonderful, and wonderfully well written and she brings spice and flare that some of the other characters lack.  Sidelle is totally ab. fab and my definite favorite in the series.

Overall, I loved the series and though I am left with a lot of questions and some things that I felt could have been handled better; I am going to highly recommend it!!

The cliffhanger is cruel and unusual punishment considering that I could not find anything on book 3 at all.  So, any updates or spoilers on release dates are welcome as I am in dire need to know what happens next!

There you go, another Angel-related series that I really really liked and looking forward to more books.



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