Unbreakable (Heroes of Arcania #3) by Liz Long

Unbreakable: Heroes of ArcaniaUnbreakable: Heroes of Arcania by Liz Long
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Once again Liz, thank you so so much for the ARC! I am really grateful for finding me and my little blog to begin with.

Can I say that I am kinda sad now that HoA is over with Unbreakable?

It has been quite a ride, and I have loved the book, heck the whole series was amazing and I loved every second I spent with Nova, Cole and Pen!

Back to Unbreakable, and we are closing in on Fortune. I hope that you guys read the first two books, since you are here I am assuming you have.

Liz is once again using a lot of twists in this last book, I was getting dizzy and the nosy brat in me was so frustrated cause I wanted to know what way we were going to bring Fortune down!

A girl has gotta know!


So you recall in Fortune’s Favor, Cole took Pen’s place beside Fortune in order to “help” him with his plans. Cole is struggling and well you can imagine Nova is not handling all of this any better.

Things are bad guys!

I found it really upsetting seeing Cole like this, and I appreciated Nova not losing it entirely. I have no idea in what shape I would have been in her place. I would not have handled it as well, but then I am a crazy worry wart!

There was also the whole discussion about Fortune’s mom in book 2 and I am very glad to give you a spoiler here and tell you that our beloved gang follows that avenue still.

I now need to talk about Fortune, here we have someone who is losing it little by little and he is warring with the mafia bosses (what were you thinking dude?? really???) I think in a way he knows the end is coming and our bad boy wants to go out with a bang by doing the most damage possible.

Fortune is coming unhinged or should I say he has come unhinged and well as he is the bad guy, I really cannot possibly feel sorry for him! I mean I cannot. I have loved hating him so very much, and for that alone super kudos to you Liz!

Though we spend most the first half of Unbreakable in planning, the ending was fabulous! Action packed, exciting and a glorious ending!

Did I forget to mention (it’s a spoiler) that Cole can travel through time? Well not too well, but he can do it!

The reason I mention that is because we have avoided a super tragedy thanks to that particular gift? I wont any more, but there was a huge gasp, a possible falling out of my bed situation and an odd memory of the original Superman movie when Clarks flies backwards around the earth to go back in time and save Lois.

So yes, tragedy averted, but oddly it still happened and my heart stopped!

Stopped people!

Liz, I love you but you nearly killed me there! Just saying!

But like the majority of series, I am happy to report that it all ends well and as I said before for the other books it was fantastic!

Though I will be honest and I need to bring this up, Fortune’s mom is trouble just like her son. I could see potential drama from her in the future. But that then is up to you Liz and if you are planning something else.

Now that I look at this review, there are tons and tons of spoilers! Sorry, but I always find it so hard to not give out stuff. After all, at least for me it is always parts of the story, characters or bits and bobs that make me love a book or in this case a series.

So there you have it everyone!

Unbreakable is out today and you are going to have to read it! There is no choice! it is a wonderful book and an amazing conclusion to this wonderful series. Liz, thank you so much for the out of this world story telling and I cannot wait to read what you will come up with next!

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