ECHO Campaign (Isolation #2) by Taylor Brooke

echo-campaign-coverECHO Campaign by Taylor Brooke
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I was lucky to do the review for OMEN Operation not too long ago and I was really touched when Taylor asked me to do it once again for ECHO Campaign.

Let me be honest, I think my review for OMEN happened in April, and I have read tons of books since then, so as I started reading I was not 100% in the story. I would usually take the time to re-read the first book and then jump into this one but time is not my friend this week sadly.

So after a slow start as I was getting my brain back together and remember the stuff from the previous book and move on well, memories flooding and, I have to say that I really enjoyed ECHO Campaign. It kept the same spirit of the first book and continued on the story with so many more twists and turns.

Though I always remain as objective as I can, it is not really possible when you are reading a series that you enjoy. Straight up, for me not to love this baby, it should have been really really bad and the beauty of it is that it is REALLY REALLY GOOD!

It is still action packed so we have a good fast and steady pace, the characters as still as wonderful as before and Brooklyn I find is such an amazing lead. My one gripe is still about the spelling of Gabriel’s name and the fact that I keep having to remind myself she is a girl. Which made me realise how deeply ingrained some societal norms in my psyche and how difficult it is to break them.

Who knew?

But still, mini breakthrough moment aside, Gabriel spelled like that still bugs me!

But, for the rest, it is so glorious and so frustrating at the same time. We have to wait again for an ending but I really like our new introduced super villain.

That one is bat shit crazy! (Should I say spoiler alert?) When are super villains not totally insane?

I mean, I will be honest there are some good questions that have been raised in terms of the evil master plan. Parts of me could see the why but then…. I think again and I am like no way!

Maybe I am cray cray too if I can see some validity to the evil one’s arguments and from there (Spoiler) I can see where some characters come from.

In that way, it makes them so human… I guess?

Working on the assumption that this is going to be a 3 book series (could you please confirm Taylor) then I can already tell you that this is a fantastic middle book where a lot of things happen and you know already in your heart that when things are going to go down, well….

It will be….




This is honestly such a well written book and series in general, the characters are wonderfully complex and so real too in a way… and there is no way anyone can resists falling in love with our Brooklyn, Gabriel, and Porter!

IMHO…. resistance is futile! (Yes I know Start Trek reference)

So if you have not ready OMEN Operation, just go ahead and read it cause you are going to need it to enjoy ECHO Campaign.


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Author Bio:

Taylor Brooke is the author of the sci-fi adventure trilogy The Isolation Series. She started out as a freelance makeup artist, and quickly discovered her love of elves, zombies, mermaids, kaiju, and monsters of all kinds.

After receiving eight professional certifications in special effects makeup, working on countless projects, and fleshing out a multitude of fantastical creatures, she turned her imagination back to her one true love — books.

Taylor has had a knack for writing since she was a little girl, and received recognition for her skills throughout grade school and junior college.

When she’s not nestled in a blanket typing away on her laptop, she can be found haunting the local bookstore with a cup of steaming hot tea in her hands, scanning the shelves for new reads, or hiking one of the many mountains that surround her home in Oregon.

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