Last Night with the Duke (The Rakes of St. James, #1) by Amelia Grey

Last Night with the Duke by Amelia Grey
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I got the book through the Publisher and NetGalley.

I have read quite a number of Amelia’s book in various orders and I have always found them to be very entertaining and Last Night with the Duke is no different.

This, time I can safely say that I have started this series from book 1 and I am so glad about it! In this book we have the story of Griffin and Essie as they meet when Griffin comes to Essie’s office looking for a chaperone for his sisters, and this where sparks start flying.

So to give you guys a little of a back story, Griffin and his two best friends had a bit of a faux pas when they were younger and it created quite a bit of a scandal that was brought up again with Griffin’s twin sisters are set to debt.

There is talk of revenge for the old prank and Griffin is worried, I would too!

However, we get the sense very quickly that Griffin is no longer an 18 year old up to no good, and that he has grown into someone more responsible and that he cares deeply for his sisters.

I admit, I do love my charming dukes!

I have to have a weak spot somewhere!!

So yeah, bad boys on papers and peers of the realm!

Though we follow the old and trusted regency plot of boy meets girl etc… so in terms of plot there is nothing out of this world original, but like I said in my review yesterday in my post about the Amour Toxique Trilogy, what matters are the characters!

So bearing this in mind Griffin and Esmeralda are fantastic characters that are so easy to love to to relate to. I cannot relate much to a duke, but I sure could with our Essie and she is great!

Amelia always creates lovely couples and here it is no different! It is a lovely read, and wonderful entertainment. I am looking forward to the adventures of the other 2 dukes after meeting them shortly with Griffin.

So, I am going to highly recommend it and also remind you that Amelia has quite a number of books out there and all of the ones I have already read are all fantastic.

Last Night with the Duke my friends is a wonderful choice to read!

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