Tame Me (Heiress Series #2) by Natalie Rios

The Wild Child. That’s me. A loud and crazy former Park Avenue princess who just fell from grace. I went from traveling the world to making copies and fetching coffee for Satan.
Okay, so my boss isn’t really Satan. But he might as well be.
Brody Connors is infuriating, incorrigible, unsympathetic, stern, and…gorgeous. Yes, he’s a handsome devil. A large man of few words with the body of an action hero, a face sent from the heavens and the mannerisms of Lucifer.
But sexy as hell or not, he’s still my evil boss. And I need to keep this job. So that’s all he can be, right?
***An office romantic comedy perfect for those who enjoy zany heroines and the sexy bosses they exasperate.

I was so excited when I got the opportunity to review Tame Me.  I discovered Natalie a few months ago when I did the review for How to Catch and Heiress, however I want to update you first and let you know that the book has been renamed as Catch Me.  I have not renamed my post, but I am hoping this will help avoid any confusion just in case you were looking!

In Book 1 we got to meet Liz and follow her story and got introduced to Charlotte who is one her besties and we got to have a good peak at her.  For what little we saw of Charlotte in Book 1 I really liked her and if I am not too mistaken I did mention a wandering lady at the end of my review then and I did think she was the next lady to be covered in the series.

Can I be honest and say that I am so happy that I was right?

In Tame Me, Charlotte has quite a bit of a shock when her very wealthy parents cut her off so that she can finally get herself together.  I mean fair enough, considering I am not a huge fan of the tough love school of thought.

So Charlotte finds herself without money left and escapes to Maine where well things change as she lands out of the blue a job as an assistant.

See … right there! Funny!

Trust fund baby, has to work and pay her bills and get a roof under her head and her new boss is not the easiest!

This has situation comedy written all over it and it is indeed very funny!

Charlotte meets Brody….. and the rest is as we all know History!

He is bossy, demanding, expects someone who can get the job done and well he gets Charlotte and emotions are flying high and not the happy one if you get my drift!

She calls him Satan…. (and he knows about it)

He calls her Queen….

I am not going to go into further details or I will be spoiling it for you, but that book had me in stitches quite often as I was reading and I really loved how Brody and Charlotte’s relationship evolved in small steps.

Ok it was more 2 steps forward and 3 back.. but despite open animosity, Brody showed he had a good heart when Charlotte needed it!

The also both have complex background stories that as the reader we know that those 2 would compliment each other nicely.

I read Tame Me in one sitting and it was nicely written, with a great pace and solid characters, this is Natalie’s first book and I noticed such a huge improvement in style (not that it was bad before) and it is so wonderful to see her growing as a writer.

This is shaping to be a wonderful series and I cannot wait to have the next one out, when do you think we will have book 3 Natalie?

Please note that you can read Tame Me as a standalone novel without any problem, but I would strongly recommend for your enjoyment to actually start with book 1 Catch Me and to go from there!

So there you have a really solid romance that has all the right ingredients to make it a true little gem!  Thanks Natalie for the opportunity and I cannot wait to have a shot at reading book 3!!

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About the Author:

As a child, Natalie used to hide in her room or behind the couch, curled up with a good book. She dreamed of being a writer, but her mother told her she needed to be practical and get “a real job with benefits”. So like a good little nerd, she earned a degree in engineering.

Natalie can’t sing. Or dance. Or play an instrument. She can’t ride a bike and doesn’t know how to swim or drive. As a result, her husband often asks “Are you sure you’re not really from Mars?” (the answer, in case you were wondering, is no. Unless New York counts as another planet). When she’s not geeking out at her day job, Natalie can be found attempting to wrangle her overly energetic Westie, baking ridiculously chewy chocolate chip cookies, and watching so-bad-it’s-good reality television shows.

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