The Rogue Is Back in Town (Wayward Wallflowers #3) by Anna Bennett

I have loved this series so much and the Lacey sisters have truly been an entertaining exceptional lot. I think now that we have come to the youngest sister, we have more fun than ever.

Here are the other books in the series that I have also read and reviewed for you:

My Brown-Eyed Earl (Book 1)
I Dared the Duke (Book 2)

I mean it is not every day that a guy comes to your door to evict you for no reason! Yes ok, he may be cute but that is so not done! In this case, I can say that I do feel really bad for poor Sam to be put in this position by his horrible brother!

The brother is a despicable human, made my skin crawl due to the fact that not only of what he tries to do to Juliet by attempting to evict her and the uncle but how he treats her in general!

Him I hated with a passion….

When you read the book, you will totally agree with me!

How can you not?

Sam may be a bit of a wild one, but at least you know from the get go that he is not a horrible person.

How two people can be brothers and so different is mind boggling!

Gotta say Anna, you have done an outstanding job with the characters, making us either love or loathe them so easily!  I mean it is not only in this book, but the whole series was amazing due to the outstanding characters in them!  (Well except you know who… him make me go grrrrrrr….)

But I digress, Sam meets Juliet and there are sparks flying!

Did you really expect anything else?

The sisters are certainly not meek little things and Juliet is amazing!

Sam is not so bad, I liked him and I very much enjoyed their clashes…

A girl gotta have a her fun, and boy did I have it here!!

Honestly, the book is truly funny, entertaining and I finished it in one sitting! I could not put it down and the smile I had on my face barely left my face (except when I wanted to beat Sam’s brother with a stick!!)

I am going to highly recommend it and I hope you enjoy The Rogue is back in town as much as I did!

Reminder: though you can read The Rogue Is Back in Town as a standalone, it will be a lot better if you read the 2 previous books as well!  They are brilliant and you would be missing out!

Is the last in the series or is there more coming? Might even have a new series? Let us wait and see might as well hope for the best.

Happy New Year everyone and I hope you love my new favorite Rogue as much as I did!



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