The Healer (The Day 12 Witches Burned #4) by Grace M. DeLeesie



The Healer (The Day 12 Witches Burned #4)
by Grace M. DeLeesie
Publ. Date: January 31, 2018

Edinburgh, Scotland: On a rainy night in 1479, twelve expectant mothers gave their lives so their unborn daughters could live. Falsely accused of murder, the twelve coven-sisters cast a spell to send their girls to a time when they would not be prosecuted for their blood heritage as Earth Witches. Unknown to the mothers, an ancient evil followed the daughters to rid them of their powers and take them for his own.

O’Neill, Nebraska: In present day 2015, betrayal is something Heather has never has to deal with before. She’s learned the man chosen for her by Fate is nothing more than a mirage. How can Heather trust him ever again? Except now that she’s turned him away, Heather finds out that her powers have also vanished. Is forgiving him for his deception worth getting back everything she’s lost? Is the man she fell in love with still alive?


I discovered Grace’s books last year and I am addicted!

It is important for you to know that because, I have been waiting for this book since then.  So this is book 4 of the series and we have so many things going on!

I felt that this is the book where we finally get some answers and we understand why things are a lot better.  To save you time and your sanity, you cannot read The Healer as a standalone, I mean if you really want to of course you can; but I would very much HIGHLY recommend that you start from the beginning and that is The Psychokinetic.

This is one of those series that I dig in without thinking too much about as I want to have a clear mind reading in order to decide how I feel.  I knew pretty much at the end of the first couple of pages that I was going to be hooked!

Honestly, I was floored at how much I loved it!

You are going to tell me that it is not very often that I dislike books, and that is true.. I am always looking for the best in them and it has to be really bad for me not utterly dislike one.

But here we have so many elements that make me happy in any book. We have a solid back history, really interesting eclectic characters, that ought to not work together but they do… all the leading ladies are unique and stand out and each of their individual and group stories are utterly magic!

Yeah.. I just went there!

I could not put The Healer down! I finished it in one go and then I was heartbroken because I have to now wait for book 5!  I never like to wait! I mean do you? To be honest I cannot wait for Rachel’s story because she is one of the more standout characters and I am feeling like we will go on a ride with her!

But back to The Healer and here we are focused on Logan and Heather, I was so heartbroken…  but at the same time I loved the twists that we had and I am so happy we finally know a lot more about why things are that way…

I am expecting more revelations in the books to come and my question now is if we are to have 12 books in the series?

It is really hard here not to go in deep and discuss many plot points and things that I really want to go over but that would mean that I would be handing out many spoilers and I do not want to ruin it for you.

I am going to very highly recommend The Healer but please make sure you read The Psychokinetic first and the following books before this baby you will not regret it!









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