Waking the Ancients (Nemesis of the Gods #2) by Catherine Cavendish

Waking the Ancients

Nemesis of the Gods #2

by Catherine Cavendish

Genre: Horror

Egypt, 1908

University student Lizzie Charters accompanies her mentor, Dr. Emeryk Quintillus, on the archeological dig to uncover Cleopatra’s tomb. Her presence is required for a ceremony conducted by the renowned professor to resurrect Cleopatra’s spirit—inside Lizzie’s body. Quintillus’s success is short-lived, as the Queen of the Nile dies soon after inhabiting her host, leaving Lizzie’s soul adrift . . .

Vienna, 2018

Paula Bancroft’s husband just leased Villa Dürnstein, an estate once owned by Dr. Quintillus. Within the mansion are several paintings and numerous volumes dedicated to Cleopatra. But the archeologist’s interest in the Egyptian empress deviated from scholarly into supernatural, infusing the very foundations of his home with his dark fanaticism. And as inexplicable manifestations rattle Paula’s senses, threatening her very sanity, she uncovers the link between the villa, Quintillus, and a woman named Lizzie Charters.

And a ritual of dark magic that will consume her soul . . .

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Wrath of the Ancients
Nemesis of the Gods #1


Egypt, 1908

Eminent archeologist Dr. Emeryk Quintillus has unearthed the burial chamber of Cleopatra. But this tomb raider’s obsession with the Queen of the Nile has nothing to do with preserving history. Stealing sacred and priceless relics, he murders his expedition crew, and flees—escaping the quake that swallows the site beneath the desert sands . . .

Vienna, 1913

Young widow Adeline Ogilvy has accepted employment at the mansion of Dr. Quintillus, transcribing the late professor’s memoirs. Within the pages of his journals, she discovers the ravings of a madman convinced he possessed the ability to reincarnate Cleopatra. Within the walls of his home, she is assailed by unexplained phenomena: strange sounds, shadowy figures, and apparitions of hieroglyphics.

Something pursued Dr. Quintillus from Egypt. Something dark, something hungry. Something tied to the fate and future of Adeline Ogilvy . . .

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Kobo: https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/wrath-of-the-ancients

You know, when you give me anything with Egyptology in it, I am bound to love it no questions asked!
This series of two books, for now, was really interesting because it is set after archeological digs, with quite a bit of supernatural events occurring.  These kinds of themes always fascinated me especially, when I was really young I read all about the “curse” of Tutankhamen and what happened to Lord Carnarvon.  At least, I hope you guys are a little familiar with the events.
When I read the story, I was really young at the time, not even 10 yet and ever since, anything related to Egyptian gods, curses, hell all the movies, TV shows anything is a passion.
 As I said these two books were really great in that regard, as I mentioned things happen after a dig and this dig is related to Cleopatra.
You know, the Cleopatra!
So this archeologist Emeryk is obsessed with her (creep!!!) and both books take place after a set of events.
I am not going to tell you the details, because that would be a huge spoiler, and I gotta have my fun and make sure you read the books.
One thing I need to warn you is that Waking the Ancients, does follow the events of Wrath of the Ancients, but they kinda cross and backfill odd details here and there.
Honestly, I really really loved Wrath of the Ancients, it was amazing and smart and perfect with enough weird and creepy to keep you on your toes. The characters were amazing and I could not help myself totally loving Adeline and what happened to her in Vienna early 20th century.
Waking the Ancients is different it goes back to the origin story with events and characters that were totally omitted in book 1 and pretty much continues the story in our time.
Between us, that kinda annoyed me a little. Why couldn’t we have all the facts in book one and then work the branches, angles everything from there?
Like I said, it annoyed me but it did not detract from the fact that once again Catherine did an amazing job with the new set of characters, events and even totally managed to stun me speechless with the ending.
Now that does not happen very often!
So kudos to you Catherine for managing the near impossible!
If you enjoy murder/mysteries a bit of horror and a heavy dose of curses then this is the series for you my friends!  The 2 books are amazing, the writing is wonderful and what a story to tell!
I am sure you are going to love both of these babies like I did, and I would very highly recommend reading them in order to make it easy on you and not miss improtant details that will be ah ha moments in book 2!
I really do hope you love both as much as I did!

  The man looked down at his scattered ashes. “I am growing tired of waiting. When will I be free of this prison?”

  “Soon.” The woman moved away in that fluid, ethereal manner of hers. Her scarlet gown flowed around her. An armlet shaped in the goddess Isis’s symbol—a coiled cobra—gleamed. Heavy black kohl rimmed her eyes, emphasizing the deep violet of her irises, while her long, black hair, set in many tight braids, reached her waist. “You must be patient,” the woman said. “I told you I would help you get what you desire.”

  “But that isn’t possible. She is back in her body. Back in her tomb.”

  “All is possible. I have the power. Haven’t I proved it? Aren’t you the proof of it?”

  “I still don’t live.”

  “Your spirit lives.”

  “My spirit cannot touch her.”

  “But it can touch her spirit. Mate with her spirit if you so desire.”

  “And why would you do this for me?”

  “My revenge is incomplete. My murdering sister rests while I am forced to wander in spirit with no substance of my own.”

  “And how will it be done? I am in your hands. This is not comfortable for me. I am always in control.”

  The woman threw back her head and laughed, showing black, rotten teeth. Stinking, no doubt, if he could smell anything.

  “You have not been in control for a long time. The god I serve is Set, and he is in control. He will come and he will work through me. More powerful this time, for Sekhmet will bring him.”

  “And I will have my queen?”

  “You will have her.”

  “She will be in the one who is here now?”

  “That is to be determined.”

  “But this one is not of the blood.”

  “She will not be possessed, but transformed. We do not need a blood relative.”

  “That has been tried before. And failed.”

  “The rules were not properly followed. You cannot possess all of her. You have seen that. The gods will not allow it. Her spirit must be divided. Some of it must remain with her body—and lie cold in her tomb. Waiting. Always waiting. In that way, the gods are appeased and my price is also exacted.”

  “So part of my queen will still wander, looking for her lover, but enough of her spirit will be released to come to me.”

  “Now you understand. You will have all that you desire, and my revenge will not be compromised.”

  “And I can be with her. For all time.”

  The woman didn’t answer. She gave the merest hint of a smile and passed on.

  In his world of shadows, Dr. Emeryk Quintillus waited.


Following a varied career in sales, advertising and career guidance, Catherine Cavendish is now the full-time author of a number of paranormal, ghostly and Gothic horror novels, novellas and short stories. She was the 2013 joint winner of the Samhain Gothic Horror Anthology Competition, with Linden Manor, which was featured in the anthology What Waits in the Shadows.

Cat’s novels include The Pendle Curse, Saving Grace Devine, and Dark Avenging Angel. She lives with her long-suffering husband and black (trainee) cat. They divide their time between Liverpool and a 260-year-old haunted apartment in North Wales.

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