Breathless by Celeste Bradley and Susan Donovan

I finished Breathless ages ago and I have been so swamped with work that I did not have time to actually sit down and pen this review for all of you.

I know!

I am terrible, but sadly work comes first because I am not lucky enough to be paid to read books all day long (Willing to accept job offers with that specific description!)

I have read books from Celeste before; but to be honest, I do not think I have read some of Susan’s work (I could be mistaken) but I need to go play catch up and read more from both authors.

But tell you what though, the name of this book is aptly chosen!

When I finished it, I was floored!

Outstanding and even saying that I do not think this word actually does the book justice!

Mind Blown!

Me saying all of this doesn’t help so let me tell you more…

In Breathless, we are following 2 couples in 2 different timelines…

In modern times, we have Brenna and Fitch and in the historical one, we get to know The Swan and her man The Artist.

The story starts and is centered around a series of works of art and we go on an amazing journey from there.  We are looking at the story from those 2 timelines and tell you what, the writing and storytelling are utterly glorious!

I will tell you, there are moments as I was reading where I was getting strong Robert Langdon vibes and that was an added bonus for me.  Breathless is an adventure.

Pretty much a treasure hunt wrapped in a romance.

I could not put it down and finished reading in one go.

It is smart, witty, touching, sad and beautiful all at the same time, and there are a couple of times where I could not help myself tearing up a little bit.

I am trying very hard here not give discuss plot points and not give you spoilers, because honestly, I would not want to take the pleasure of discovering everything with a fresh eye away from you.

Breathless is in a league of its own, and I do not think I have read anything quite like it in a while.  The more I think about it, the more I want another, I would never say no to Brenna and Fitch going on researching other mysteries.  I would require the first book if that was to ever happen.

Pretty please!!

So there you have it, I managed to keep all the good stuff to myself and all I can do is tell you that Breathless is bloody amazing! I am planning on going back and re-reading it again!

I am obsessed, what do you want me to tell you?

So based on all of that, you know that I am going to very highly recommend it to you all and I really hope that you fall gaga over it like I did!  I definitely need more books like this one in my life!

Ladies, you have produced something amazing here, please never stop!!!



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