Fianna’s Awakening (Warriors of Myth and Legend, #1) by Ron C. Nieto

Fianna’s Awakening (Warriors of Myth and Legend, #1)
by Ron C. Nieto
Pub. Date: November 13, 2018
Publisher: Ron C. Nieto
Formats: Paperback eBook
Pages: 96
Find it:  Goodreads

Outcast. Betrayer. Chosen.

After five years being a Fianna, Aisling O’Malley still has to prove herself every day. The sins of the father weigh heavily on her shoulders, and no matter what she does, her fellow warriors regard her as the undeserving one. It doesn’t help that one of the four mythical treasures of Ireland has turned up under her nose, leaving her none the wiser. If by any chance the touted Spear of Lugh up for auction is indeed the legendary Spear of Victory, she needs to get her hands on it before anyone else does—and be spectacular enough about it to make the rest of the Fianna forget she almost missed the artifact in the first place.

Exile. Betrayer. Forgotten.

After spending twice as long undercover as he ever lived at home, Ronan no longer knows where he belongs to or where he’s actually exiled from. He can’t return to his people, not unless he collects the four artifacts of power the Tuatha Dé lost when they were forced to leave Ireland, and three millennia after the fact, he’s pretty sure they’re going to remain lost. Except one of those ancient treasures has landed in his lap—or could land in his lap, if he brings himself to work with the spunky young woman who wants to hire him to consult on the Spear’s authenticity.

Can two broken people learn to trust one another? And even if they can, will it be too late to save Ireland… or themselves?


This was really exciting!

I loved Fianna’s Awakening and I cannot wait for book 2 to arrive.

The introduction to Aisling was fantastic and I loved her from the get go!  I am not going to mention the first meeting between her and Ronan, it was so funny.  I had such a good time reading the book and I love that it was something very different than the usual paranormal/fantasy I usually end up reading.

A very welcome change!

Here well the story is set in Ireland (my next door neighbors) and a mythical artifact has just potentially surfaced.

This is a problem.

Aisling is a protector of Ireland and her job is to make sure nothing threatens her territory.

You can see where I am going next.

We have some great fights, surprises, twists and turns and a very interesting dynamic between Ronan and Aisling.  I have to tell you, I really appreciated the fact, that though both were attracted to each other, it wasn’t the dominant element beside the urgency of the events. It was there, kept on the down low and as I said, I really appreciated that.

Since this is a series, there is a lot of time to explore personal things further as the adventure continues, so we really are not missing anything.

Now one thing I discovered at the end of the book, is that there is a little novella prequel to give us a bit more on Aisling and how she became what she is now. I need to get my hands on it and see. Though just as an FYI, I read and was most happy with this book without the little prequel. So if you are like me and do not have it, then don’t worry about it.

Fianna’s Awakening was a really wonderful read, I really enjoyed it very much and cannot wait for me. I am going to very highly recommend it and I do hope that you enjoy it as much as I did.


About The Author:

Ron C. Nieto is a fantasy and romance author who has been writing in her secluded fortress for the longest time. Recently, she had a talk with her cat and decided that she should share her creations because it was selfish to hoard them all for herself.

If you would like to know more about her, please visit her website.

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