Marquess to a Flame (Rules of the Rogue #4) by Emily Windsor

Marquess to a Flame
Author: Emily Windsor
Genre: Regency Romance
Release Date: 30th January 2019
Length:  74,000 words
Series Name: Rules of the Rogue
Tropes: A rogue with his rules and the heroine that breaks them. Cornwall. Spies. Friendship. Overcoming hurt.
Tone: Warm. Witty. Romantic.
Heat Level: Sensual. Moderate.
Elevator Pitch: “Debonair, handsome and with a devil’s smile. How could any woman resist?”  “A rogue and a fribble. How could any woman succumb?”
Tagline: A winter’s heart unearths spring.

A winter’s heart…

“Debonair, handsome and with a devil’s smile. How could any woman resist?”

The Marquess of Winterbourne has long been guided by his Rules of the Rogue, but as an emissary for the Crown, his next mission will break every single one. Sent to the wilds of Cornwall to beguile secrets from a country miss, the last thing this rogue expects is to unearth his own buried heart.

A taste of spring…

“A rogue and a fribble. How could any woman succumb?”

Miss Tamsyn Penrose remains far from impressed by charming London scoundrel Lord Winterbourne, preferring a wild gallop over the moors to flashing black eyes and fulsome flattery. But as danger lurks and prejudice ebbs, she uncovers a complex man who awakens her hidden strength and arouses her forgotten fire.

Seasons collide…

Desire sparks and passion flares in this Cornish land of cove and tor. Can Tamsyn step from the shadow of her past? And will Jack Winterbourne tear up the rules for a woman who maddens his senses and thaws his heart?

A sensual Regency Romance with warmth and wit, this story also includes a fusty valet with a secondary love story, picnics, swordplay, peacocks and…piskies.

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I love this series and I think this is the last book, honestly, I am not sure as covered the 3 main rogues really if you think about it. Jack was the last of them.

So to start I will go for a recap, where this series started with An Earl in Wolf’s Clothing, followed by Merry Christmas, My Viscount and the most recent one Let Sleeping Dukes Lie.

I have to tell you all, that as all of the characters across all the books are fantastic, Jack and Alex (The previously referred to Duke) are my favorite and I am so happy to know who gets Jack in the end.

In this one, we have Jack and Tamsyn meeting as we are still chasing after La Chauve-Souris (big baddie). We have seen him across the series and we get to deal with him again here.

Now, you know I do not like giving away all the good juicy plot points, so I will keep my mouth shut. However, I can tell you that Tamsyn’s has a really sad back story and we also get to learn more about Jack’s as well.  I always found him really entertaining and I suspected there was more under the surface. I am so glad I was right,

I mean come on.. when am I ever wrong?

The book was amazing, just like the other it was funny, sweet, gripping some surprises and twists and a little bit of action. So we all know everything that makes me a happy lady!

I love that we get a little of the Duke and Aideen back, so thanks for that Emily!

So, if you have read the previous books of the series and are like me a huge fan, then Marquess to a Flame will not disappoint you. I promise. However, If this is your introduction to this wonderful series, I would really recommend starting from book 1 An Earl in Wolf’s Clothing.  You can still read the book as a standalone and IMHO it should be fine, but you would miss out on little bits and bobs… Saying that you will not lose your enjoyment reading.

I am just a weirdo who prefers to read her series in order… but that is just me.

I am going to VERY HIGHLY recommend Marquess to a Flame, and the other books as well and I do hope you fall in love with those charming rogues just as I did.  I promise you will not regret it!

A big thank you to Emily for the early ARC!!!!


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