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Paralucidity (The Memortality Saga #2) by Stephen H. Provost

Paralucidity Stephen H. Provost Publication date: July 15th, 2018 Genres: Fantasy, New Adult, Romance Somebody wanted Minerva Rus dead. They succeeded. But Minerva isn’t letting a little thing like death stop her. After the dangerous adventure that killed her in Memortality, Minerva Rus has reconciled herself to being dead. She and her also-dead boyfriend

Monstrum (Fourth Talisman #3) by Kat Ross

Monstrum Kat Ross (Fourth Talisman, #3) Published by: Acorn Publishing Publication date: June 15th 2018 Genres: Adult, Fantasy In the third volume of the Fourth Talisman series, the hunt is on for the three daevas whose powers saved the world once before…. On the White Sea, realm of smashers and sea monsters, a ship is carrying

Nocturne (Fourth Talisman #1) by Kat Ross

Nocturne Kat Ross (Fourth Talisman, #1) Published by: Acorn Publishing Publication date: October 15th 2017 Genres: Adult, Fantasy Nocturne, a wilderness of eternal night. Solis, a wasteland of endless day. Nazafareen is a Breaker, a mortal who has the rare ability to shatter spell magic—although her power carries a high price. With the memories of her former

Fallen (Shadows of Regia #1) by Tenaya Jayne

Fallen (Shadows of Regia Book One) by Tenaya Jayne Genre: PNR Publisher: Cold Fire Publishing LLC Date of Publication: Sep. 29th 2017 ISBN: 978-0998674131 ASIN: B0749YWSSN Number of pages: 375 Word Count: 72,000 Cover Artist: Tenaya Jayne Tagline: Destiny is a heartless bitch. Half vampire and wealthy playboy, Maddox lives his life in the public eye and thoroughly enjoys his bad reputation. But

Miora’s Song by Tawnya Lee

Title: Moira's Song Author: Tawnya Lee Genre: YA/Fantasy Release Date: October 6, 2017    A mother's love. Beautiful. Boundless. Bloody.    A mysterious stranger destroys Moira’s precarious world with one bite, plunging her into a realm of ancient gods, witchcraft, and Celtic blood-drinkers. Faced with a dark secret about her own role in an age-old vampire war, Moira

Elemental Secrets (Essential Elements #1) by Elle Middaugh

Elemental Secrets (Essential Elements #1) by Elle Middaugh  Published by: Pronoun Publication date: February 27th 2016 Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult With her mother long deceased and her father recently deployed, Valerie Moore is sent to live with her eccentric aunt in a tiny town nestled in the mountains of Pennsylvania. Being a Navy brat has made her

When Smoke Rains Down & When Ash Rains Down (Kingdom Come #1 & 2) by Cecelia Earl

When Smoke Rains Down (Kingdom Come #2) by Cecelia Earl Genre: YA Paranormal Release Date: May 31st 2017 Summary: In the aftermath of an explosion and Homecoming battle, Julia tries to form some semblance of a routine: work, study, visit her brother. Unable to confide in anyone about her double life of being both human

Allerleirauh by Chantal Gadoury

Allerleirauh by Chantal Gadoury Genre:Young Adult Fantasy / Fairytale Adaption / Historical Romance Published by Parliament Once Upon a Time…  In the Kingdom of Tränen, a king makes a promise to his dying wife that he'll only remarry a woman who possesses her golden hair. In time, the king's eyes are turned by his daughter.