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Dickensen Academy 
by Christine Grabowski

Dickensen Academy by Christine Grabowski Genre: YA Paranormal Release Date: September 12th, 2018 The Wild Rose Press, Inc This school may be her dream come true…or her worst nightmare. Dickensen Academy isn’t a typical boarding school. The faculty is hiding an unbelievable secret within their fine arts program. When Autumn Mattison receives an invitation to attend

Unleashed (Dark Moon Shifters #1) by Bella Jacobs

Unleashed by Bella Jacobs Pub. Date: August 17, 2018 Publisher: Bella Jacobs Books Formats: Paperback, eBook Pages: 298 Find it: Goodreads, Amazon, Amazon UK One woman on the run. Four dangerously sexy bodyguards. And a war brewing that will change the shifter world forever… I’m living on borrowed time, fighting for survival against a deadly new virus that has no cure and a

A Study In Shifters (The Adventures of Marisol Holmes #1) by Majanka Verstraete

A Study In Shifters Majanka Verstraete (The Adventures of Marisol Holmes, #1) Publication date: June 26th 2018 Genres: Paranormal, Young Adult Seventeen-year-old Marisol Holmes may be the great-great-great granddaughter of Sherlock Holmes, but it’s hard to live up to the family name when only one mistake can spell your downfall. After trusting the wrong guy

FULL FUSION (The Fusion Series Volume 1) by NJ Damschroder

FULL FUSION (The Fusion Series Volume 1) by NJ Damschroder Pub. Date: June 4, 2014 Publisher: Dragonsoul YA Pages: 322 Formats: Paperback, eBook Find it: Amazon, B&N, iBooks, TBD, Goodreads Eighteen-year-old Roxie Sebastian lives a charmed life, and she knows it. Too bad she can't feel it. All her life, she's felt disconnected from the world around her. Everything changes just before graduation, when she's drawn to an eerie,

The Healer (The Day 12 Witches Burned #4) by Grace M. DeLeesie

    The Healer (The Day 12 Witches Burned #4) by Grace M. DeLeesie Publ. Date: January 31, 2018 Edinburgh, Scotland: On a rainy night in 1479, twelve expectant mothers gave their lives so their unborn daughters could live. Falsely accused of murder, the twelve coven-sisters cast a spell to send their girls to a time when they would

Pinnacle (The Core Series Book #1) by Lynn Veevers

  PINNACLE (The Core Series Book #1) by Lynn Veevers Pub. Date: February 6, 2018 Publisher: Clean Reads Pages: 298 Formats: Paperback, eBook Find it: Goodreads, Amazon, B&N Identifying her parents was the hardest thing ever, until Kaya learned she was the killer’s next target. Moving had thrown the ancient predator off her trail temporarily but with magical abilities manifesting, Kaya’s scent grows stronger

Jack & Hyde (The Tracings Series #1) by Cloud S. Riser

  Jack & Hyde The Tracings Series Book 1 by Cloud S, Riser Genre: YA Paranormal   Double, or.... Something For the most part of his life, Jack Anderson has been plagued by a mysterious disease that makes him a weakling and unable to live the normal life of a teenager. Over the summer, he is shipped off by his parents to a special hospital located

When Smoke Rains Down & When Ash Rains Down (Kingdom Come #1 & 2) by Cecelia Earl

When Smoke Rains Down (Kingdom Come #2) by Cecelia Earl Genre: YA Paranormal Release Date: May 31st 2017 Summary: In the aftermath of an explosion and Homecoming battle, Julia tries to form some semblance of a routine: work, study, visit her brother. Unable to confide in anyone about her double life of being both human

The Panther Moon (The Secret Warrior Series #3) by Beth Trissel

We are so excited to bring you the release of THE PANTHER MOON, the third installment of The Secret Warrior Series by Beth Trissel. The Panther Moon continues on the story of our endearing heroine Morgan Daniel as she embarks on another adventure in this thrilling and action-packed novel guaranteed to keep you on the edge