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Deadly Passion (Heaven’s Heart #1) by Amanda Pillar

Deadly Passion (Heaven's Heart Series #1) by Amanda Pillar Yocla Book Cover Designs Can two assassins outwit each other to claim the ultimate prize? Dru is a blood-bound assassin, tied to Hell and her master for eternity — okay, not ‘eternity’, but it sure as Hell feels like it. She’s got a slight attitude

Subzero (BearPaw Resort #4) by Cambria Hebert

Subzero Cambria Hebert (BearPaw Resort, #4) Publication date: October 19th 2018 Genres: Adult, Romance, Suspense, Thriller My best friend, Liam Mattison, was born with snow in his veins. Me? Ice. Maybe that’s why my eyes are this color. Maybe it’s because I was born in Caribou, where there’s more snow than sun. I always knew I had

Paralucidity (The Memortality Saga #2) by Stephen H. Provost

Paralucidity Stephen H. Provost Publication date: July 15th, 2018 Genres: Fantasy, New Adult, Romance Somebody wanted Minerva Rus dead. They succeeded. But Minerva isn’t letting a little thing like death stop her. After the dangerous adventure that killed her in Memortality, Minerva Rus has reconciled herself to being dead. She and her also-dead boyfriend

Scandalous (Alpha Bodyguard #1) by Sybil Bartel

Scandalous Sybil Bartel (Alpha Bodyguard #1) Publication date: September 10th 2018 Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance Bodyguard. Babysitter. Chauffeur. Not what the hell I thought I’d be doing with my life. Especially not for a spoiled Hollywood actress on location in Miami Beach. But triple pay and carrying a gun had its advantages. I’d shove away paparazzi and screaming

Once Upon a Lady (Soul Mate Tree #8) by Addie Jo Ryleigh

Once Upon a Lady (Soul Mate Tree #8) by Addie Jo Ryleigh Genre: Fantasy/paranormal Respectable Lady Katherine Baxton, striving to meet the requirements of her station, has become the ultimate dutiful daughter. And now, the Duke of Blackthorn’s betrothed. Far from a love match, Kate is nevertheless determined to do as expected and

Merciless (Alpha Bodyguard #2) by Sybil Bartel Cover Reveal

Merciless Sybil Bartel (Alpha Bodyguard #2) Publication date: November 6th 2018 Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance Bodyguard. Mercenary. Gun for hire. I didn’t care what you called it, the end result was always the same. You paid me for a job, you got results. The Marines trained me to shoot, but life taught me to aim. Working for the

The Wolf of the Baskervilles (The Adventures of Marisol Holmes #3) by Majanka Verstraete

The Wolf of the Baskervilles Majanka Verstraete (The Adventures of Marisol Holmes, #3) Publication date: June 25th 2019 Genres: Paranormal, Young Adult Who is Marisol Holmes? She’s a teenager. Detective. Jaguar shifter. And don’t forget, she’s also the descendant of the great Sherlock Holmes. Our heroine had been in some pretty tight spots before, but now? She’s about

Unleashed (Dark Moon Shifters #1) by Bella Jacobs

Unleashed by Bella Jacobs Pub. Date: August 17, 2018 Publisher: Bella Jacobs Books Formats: Paperback, eBook Pages: 298 Find it: Goodreads, Amazon, Amazon UK One woman on the run. Four dangerously sexy bodyguards. And a war brewing that will change the shifter world forever… I’m living on borrowed time, fighting for survival against a deadly new virus that has no cure and a

Lachlan’s Protégé by V.F. Mason

Title: Lachlan's Protégé Author: V.F. Mason Genre: Dark Romance Standalone Release Date: August 16, 2018 She never knew nightmares. Until she became mine.  She was a ballerina. He was a serial killer.  She ran away from him. He caught her. She begged for mercy. He gave her none.   She was an angel. He was a monster.    She wanted to escape. He wanted to destroy her.   They