Penryn & the End of Days Series by Susan Ee

Angels… This was tricky cause when I read the synopsis all I could think of is the most recent seasons of Supernatural on Tv.  I am trying to think now of how many books I have read about angels in them and all I can think of is those Fallen books that got adapted to television in the form of a mini series with Paul Wesley (aka. Stefan Salvatore on The Vampire Diaries).  But then that was more to do with Nephilims and when it comes to those I go straight Mortal Instruments.


All that goes to say that I don’t think I have come across a series of books quite like this one and I am so glad I found them.  I really liked the plot and the storyline, the main characters Penryn and Raffe are really fantastic too and a really interesting dynamic! I have to say that I really loved the crazy mother, she tots cracked me up with her antics.

I have to say that this series is great and I personally cannot wait to see what Susan Ee will come up with next. I have recently checked her website out and I spotted nothing in terms of a new book coming out. As far as I am concerned she is one to watch and I would be looking forward to reading some more from her.

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