Borrowed Magic by Shari Lambert


I started this book yesterday not knowing too much what to expect, I said to myself I would read a couple a chapters and then read the rest today; however this did not happen.

BorroweMagic (1)

As I was reading, I was telling myself that it was good till I hit about one third in and then it all changed and I went from good to awesome!!!  And Oh my God!!!! did I love the plot twist there.  This is how I like my books and movies smart!  I was reading it and I was starting to figure it out by myself and then BAM! (à la Emeril) I got hit by the genius!

Around the middle of it or a little after, I will admit that I got worried that the whole story will stretch to become a trilogy.  I have nothing about series, but I hate hate hate the wait between books so often times I will wait till everything is out before I start reading.  I mention this, cause it went through my head as I was reading and by the way I did not put it down and finished it in one sitting in bed and closed it around 5:30 am.

I haven’t mentioned the characters,  I will say that Maren the lead is exactly what this book needed with a feminist streak which I liked, and though there was a major romantic interest for her in the person of Philip her childhood sweetheart, it did not get overly sappy but the love and feeling did not deter from the horror of what was happening (spoiler.. sorry) but reinforced it.

Now that I discovered Shari, you can be certain that I am going to be looking forward to other releases.  I would love to hear what you thought of it as well!

…in the meantime, enjoy!


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