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Not too long ago I did a review about the Angelfall Series by Susan Ee, little did I know that I was going to be reviewing another book with angels.  Though in Angelfall, angels came down to earth to pretty much get rid of us, Angel in Training is nothing like that.  I saw it as like a detective story with some angelic supernatural components.  To be honest there is lots going on in there.

Angel in Training front coverThat book was bloody brilliant and funny and everything that I love in between, so I can tell you right now that I am getting my hands on the next one in the series as soon as I can.

Though the angelic base is located in an old convent in New Orleans (Spoiler sorry!) I really like the fact that it was kept pretty much non denominational which was smartly done in order to avoid offending anyone.  We got to meet Archangel Michael and Cupid (who would have thought Cupid was an angel, genius idea though!) plus our main girl Angel!  Yes she is an angel named Angel!!

The writing is witty and there is a good pace to the book, I hate those books that are so slow but it is definitely not the case here my friends, I can tell you that I have discovered an author that I will sure be following for years to come.

Again, sorry for the little spoilers, we have some odd love triangle brewing imho, I am seeing it coming though it is not super obvious, but there is something that someone said that was like OMG moment to me! I know, this is evil of me telling you stuff without actually saying anything, so please forgive me but I could not avoid the temptation of doing so, I may be just a naughty angel.

It’s tough when I am reviewing books that you like straight away cause it makes me want to have an open convo with you all and go over everything that so obviously I need to discuss, but I will have to be patient and wait for that…  That is what the comments section is for.

Alright, back to the book…  we have some good twists and really good characters especially a very complex one like Archangel Michael. Having to portray and humanise an Archangel is no easy task.  I mean that is a pretty much warrior class, and I really liked how he is struggling with feelings.  When I say that I am referencing feelings of all kind which is not something angels deal with, aren’t feelings human?  He is my favorite in the book, but Cupid and his bestie are pretty awesome too.  Now that I am writing that, I realise it is hard to pick a favorite, but Michael is my soft spot in the book.  I am hoping to see him more in the next books.

So overall, in any which way I can say it, this book is awesome and I highly recommend it, I am hoping that the next one in the series is as good and entertaining.  I have discovered just last week that is was already out (I am so behind!!!) and it is called Angel Eclipsed!  I just checked and this series will end up as a trilogy (YAY!!),  so my darlings you will have to bear with me as I have a couple of books I need to finish before I can sit down with Angel Eclipsed and tell you more.

If you have enjoyed it as much as I did, I would love to hear form you!



Author’s Bio:

Cheryl works in an office by day. By night she leads a (not-so) secret life DJing, and throughout it all, is constantly scribbling away as the plot bunnies demand constant attention.

Her first novel was written when she should have been revising for her exams. While it is unlikely to ever see the light of day, it was the start of long relationship with the evil plot bunnies of doom.

A need to do more than just one subject led her to the University of Hull, where she graduated with an honours degree in American Studies. For the third year of the four year degree, she was able to call Baton Rouge home. Since then, Louisiana has claimed a large chunk of her heart, and remains a place she will always consider home.

LSU was where she discovered FanFiction and currently writes (mainly) CSI:NY stories and a Rescue: Special Ops story.

When not transcribing the stories of the angels and archangels, working, or DJing, she is at the beck and call of three cats – all of whom rank higher in the household than she does.
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