1982: Maneater (Love in the 80’s: A new Adult Mix) by Cambria Hebert

A couple of hours ago iBooks very kindly notified me that Maneater was finally available on my iPad.  Not too long ago I was able to publish to the blog the Cover Reveal for it!  I lost no time and I jumped right in, as I am incapable of having patience when it comes to Cambria’s books.


That book is pretty much the soundtrack to my childhood and very early teens, though these days I feel quite ancient, I wasn’t yet a teenager in 1982, but still being old enough to remember pretty much everything.  Frankly, I was waiting for Molly Ringwald to pop into the story at some point as I was reading. You think it might be silly but I waited for her behind every page!

I was laughing cause I kept getting glimpses of Cher from Clueless as I was reading some of the lines in the book, but then that movie was made in the mid to late nineties? Still I couldn’t help myself from chuckling and hearing Cher or Dionne’s voices in the back of my head.

To be fair it is a novella, on my iBooks it is pretty much about 120 ish pages long so barely took me an hour to finish and I could not wait until tomorrow morning to share, cause well I just couldn’t.

It is nicely written, no surprise there as Cambria is always excellent, I loved Kelly and Eric and how things really got set in motion quickly for them.  It had a good pace and a fast read, Maneater is part of a group of Novella set in that time period all standalone and with different characters, when I can I will be adding reviews of the other tomes as well.  But as Cambria is one of my favorite writers, she gets first dibs.

Now in all seriousness and please do not hate me for saying this, there is a tiny tiny ok not so tiny part of me that could not help draw parallels between Maneater and #Nerd.  So here we have hot popular girl vs. somewhat “nerdy” guy (Like Kelly says, he is not a nerd!!!)  and in #Nerd we have super hot manslut jock vs. nerdy yet beautiful girl underneath all the hair and glasses.  To be honest if that was intentional, I don’t even care or mind; and if it wasn’t let’s just blame it on our subconscious minds that make us do stuff we aren’t aware.  There is also the distinct possibility that I had imagined it all after all it is 3 am and I am tired after working all day!

I think this would have made a fantastic John Hugues movie, maybe he did make something similar, I do not think I have seen them all, but overall I really loved it (internal debates aside) and it really brought back super fun memories for me.  Just for that thank you Cambria!

There is a scene in there at the end that was soooooo OMG I cannot believe she did it!!!…..  ok I am not saying what it is, but that made me smile, really smile then laugh.  Great thinking doing that!  You are wondering what I am talking about? Well dearies, just grab the book!

And just cause I can, this is an oldie but goodie


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