The Count’s Lair (Budapest Moon #2) by Stephanie Burkhart

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The Count’s Lair
Stephanie Burkhart
Genres: Historical Romance (Regency)

Count Anton Varga is haunted by the curse of the moon. It tugs on his emotions, ravishing his soul. Anton abhors the beast he must learn to tame if he is to find peace.

Lady Amelia Andrassy is an accomplished pianist, but her life in Budapest has been filled with heartache. When Amelia faints in the Duma’s bookstore, it’s Anton’s strong arms that cradle her fall. His unusual eyes spark with hers, replacing their individual loneliness with the promise of feral passion.

After a two-month separation, Anton is ready to walk into Amelia’s life again, but is Amelia ready to fan the spark they shared into a flame?




The Count’s Lair is the second book the Budapest Moon Series.  I have not had the opportunity to read the first one The Hungarian (Budapest Moon Book 1), but it does not seem to be required as I got into this enjoyably simple romantic paranormal story without any problems.

We have Anton a Hungarian count that finds love which is something he did not have before not from his family nor for previous relationships.  Anton meets Amelia and they fall in love.

Alright so big Spoiler Alert here is that Anton is a werewolf, but can I say that he is a very tame one with really not much of an exciting life?  I mean this is how it felt to me, cause well before I started reading I was watching Deadpool which is very energetic to a a much slower pace book.  The book flowed nicely it was really sweet, just a little bit of action around the end but pretty much a fast and easy read.

Really made me curious about Budapest, I have never been though I did visit some other cities in the old eastern block like Warsaw and Bucharest and I loved them both very much. I am trying to imagine that maybe Budapest would be closer to Warsaw in spirit. I don’t know.

I keep thinking that I would have loved a bit more action, that is due to my adventurous nature, but like I said he leads a really quite a quiet life, you would think for a count he would have more more going on.  But then I may be comparing that to some Regency romances and early 1800’s England is not the same as early 1900’s Hungary.  Apples and oranges I guess.

I think I will go and read the first book in the series, it is not in my nature to keep them incomplete.  It is a simple book, a nice one to cozy up with a good cuppa tea and some biscuits (I have gone all brit on you now!).

Will see what book 3 Danube in Candlelight (Budapest Moon Book 3) has in store for us and it looks like we are moving on to the next generation.

Happy Reading!


“I’m sorry. I suppose I was jealous for a second.” Anton looked at the trees just past her shoulder, as if embarrassed.

Amelia walked over to him and stepped into his personal space. “Bryant is a loyal servant and a good friend, nothing more.”

“I see.” Anton’s eyes found hers, and her aura flamed up, casting a white shadow over her cloak. Her jasmine perfume infused him with desire. “I could stay here with you all day.” “I’d catch a cold,” Amelia said.

“I would put my arms around you and keep you warm.”

She raised a curious eyebrow. “All day?”

“I can think of nothing else I’d rather do.”

“Ah, well, I’m only human. We should probably cut down your tree.”
He turned around. “Pick one.”

Amelia surveyed the area. Finally she stopped beside a tree that was about a foot taller than Anton. “This one is the right height. The branches are well proportioned, and the pine cones smell woodsy.”

“Now, pick one out for you while I chop this one down.”

“All right.”

Anton stood next to the tree, picking out the perfect spot to begin cutting. After sizing it up, he swung his axe and sank it halfway into the trunk. With one more swing, the tree fell over. Amelia spun around. “That was quick. I just picked out my tree.”

With a laugh, Anton walked over to her and used the axe to carve a small line at the base of the tree. “Well, I’ve chopped trees all my life.”

“You have?”

“My father thought it would build character.”

She rubbed her gloved hands together. Anton thought she might be catching a chill.

“Did you like chopping trees?” she asked.

Author’s Bio:

Stephanie Burkhart is a 911 dispatcher for LAPD.  She was born and raised in Manchester, New Hampshire.  After serving 11 years in the US Army she currently calls Castaic, California her home. Stephanie was married in Denmark in 1991 and has two young sons.

She adores chocolate, is addicted to coffee and enjoys early morning walks.  She’s also a den leader for her son’s Cub Scout den and is a Boy Scout mom. She writes paranormal, contemporary, and steampunk romance and has 3 children’s books published with 4RV Publishing.

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