Riveted (Art of Eros #1) by Kenzie Macallan


RIVETED by Kenzie Macallan is the debut novel in the Art of Eros romantic suspense series. This suspenseful, sexy, soulful tale is filled to the brim with action, romance, and a mystery that will make you hold your breath from beginning to conclusion. If you like stories that revv up your heart rate, you’ve found a pulse-pounder in RIVETED.

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Kenzie Macallan
Series: Art of Eros #1
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: April 22nd, 2016
Publisher: Indie Published
Format: Paperback and Digital
Digital ISBN: 978-0-9973492-0-7

For years Marabella built a wall to protect herself from the pain. She has a secret about her dead husband that she would prefer not to share. Mac has his own secret but wants to know everything about her.

As they play in paradise, someone is watching and waiting. Can Mac get to Marabella before her past catches up with her?

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Well Riveted was quite riveting!! Easy I know, but I have not had my coffee yet and my brains are still booting up.

To be honest, this book reminded me very much of Talon and Back to Me in terms of the overall broad storyline.  So we have super hunky Scotsman Mac who is an ex military meeting gorgeous yet so vulnerable Mara who just is getting over an abusive “dead” hubby.

I would like to point out that in all the years that I have lived in Scotland, I never got to meet a yummy specimen such as Mac, and I would like to file an official complaint on the matter.  I lived in Glasgow, but were all the yummy men mostly based in Edinburgh?  Why did no one mention this vital info before?

So anyways, back to the book, Mac and Mara were totes cute together and you can see how their relationship is building little by little, we have swoony romance, a few good action sequences, a bad bad guy and all of this taking place on a Mexican resort.  After all, let us do it in style my friends.

The same way I liked Talon and Back to Me, Riveted is really no different in terms of it being a good fun read.  It has everything that is appealing and frankly there is nothing in there I could complain about.

It is again one of those books that I am happy to read on the beach or in my garden on a lazy day and be super happy with.  So if you guys want a sexy romance and a scottish accent this this the way to go.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did and I cannot wait to read the second in the series.  When is it coming out?


As her thigh rested between his legs, she could feel his excitement. She smiled to herself and decided to get a little daring. Hearing a groan come from him, a wicked grin spread across her face.

“Did you say something?” she looked up using her most innocent voice batting her eyelashes.

“Woman, you know exactly what you’re doing. Don’t play innocent with me.” Mac had a stern but playful look in his eyes.

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Author Bio:

I live in the Northeast with my two dogs who keep me very busy. As a child I traveled around the world to places like Africa, Greece, Italy, France, Holland and England.

My favorite country is Scotland and hope to go back someday. I love to take photos of flowers and paint portraits, mostly of children. When I’m not writing, I’m reading all kinds of romance novels.

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