The Horse List Challenge (The Horse List #2) by Anna Lores

The Horse List Challenge
Anna Lores
Genre: Erotica, Romantic Suspense

With a violent ex-husband hot on her trail, Ava Black seeks comfort in the arms of Jameson “Brady” Ross, The unrequited love who protects her.

     Having healed from the physical abuse at the hands of her ex, she devises a naughty wish list – she calls her Horse List – to help empower her.

     Will Brady finally fulfill her sweetest fantasies and become her partner? Or will the man who dominates her dreams and desires, the wealthy Eric North, come for her?

     Does she have the strength to fight for her life and love, or will she succumb to demands of her powerful ex-husband?



Yet again, I pick a book to review that is already part of a series and since I had the time and it was only one book I spent my Sunday getting my hands on the first one called simply the The Horse List and dove in.

Let me be straight, I have never heard of a Horse List before, I knew Bucket Lists for sure but certainly not horses.  Oh well, who cares?  It works for Ava and I am not judging! (We are here in a safe non judgement zone)

Well as I started with the first book, at first I was not really certain it was my cup of tea.  But, as usual I got into story and well got hooked on smexy Eric.  Though I thought we went from “hey, I am going to do your tattoo” to “marry me” in pretty much 10 secs flat, it was still fun and a lot drama was going on the background.

Just to let you know Ava has recently divorced her husband of a few years because well he is nuts!  He thinks he is a dom (notice the non-capped d) but he is pretty much psycho.  Oh and Btw, I should tell you his parents even worse!!!

I couldn’t decide if Ava had PTSD or Stockholm Syndrome or an odd combo of both, but that woman needing some shaking.  Let’s see, she is living and shagging Eric (I approve) has hidden hots for childhood friend (ok happens) and is stalked and manipulated by ex-hubby.  Woman got problems.

To sum it all up, well book 1 finishes on a cliffhanger and poor Ava is in a story state. Here come Book 2 YAY!! and we take off a year and a half later, where Ava is not with Eric, but with Brady i.e Childhood friend.

I said plenty and I really do not want to spoil it, cause well I am evil like that!

The books are really nicely written, they have good pace, all the characters are nicely defined. Some more than others of course, but still you get a really good sense of who they are.  In the first book we get mostly to meet Ava, Eric and Nathan (I will not mention the psycho’s name) and get Ava started on her journey of freedom and then in book 2 we have well Ava, Brady, Colin, Nathan again and well Eric!

All in all a really cool series and I am looking forward now to book 3, I enjoyed it and you know I would not steer you wrong my good friends.

There you have it!


Maybe a cold shower would kill her desire for him, shock her body into reality. Sex with Brady was high on her Horse List because it was likely never to happen. He wasn’t into her, and she panicked when he touched her uncovered scars.  She turned the handle to cold, freezing cold, and stepped inside. She squeaked as the splash of icy water hit her warm, tanned legs. 

“Ava, are you okay?” Brady shouted, sliding in his white socks into the bathroom and stopping in front of the shower in black boxers, ready to attack an intruder. Something had him as jumpy as Colin. He was usually a calm influence, rarely the first in a fight. He didn’t join in unless he saw real trouble.  He stepped into the shower with her, and shuddered. “Shit. It’s freezing.”

Without asking, he reached past her, brushing his arm against her breasts, and turned the handle to warm.

“Ava, you’ve got to pay atten—” Worried hazel eyes focused on her.

“Brady, I’m…” God help her, she was lost in those brown eyes with the most remarkable specks of green sparkling like fireworks.

She loved him, always had, always would.

His hand drifted around and cradled the back of her head. His lids glided down as his lips came millimeters from hers. Firm pressure against the back of her head brought her chin up a hair, taking her so close to a kiss. So close. 

“Please,” she whispered, not sure whether it was for a kiss or for him to take her, make her forget everything, everyone…make her feel loved, wanted, controlled…  Her tightly beaded nipples pressed against his bare chest. Her sensitive breasts throbbed against the diamond bars pierced through them. If he just kissed her, she would be that much closer to his firm, yet gentle, loving touch. She could overcome the panic from bare skin touching the sensitive brands on her belly and thighs. She was ready. She was ready for him to try. If only he would…

“Ava.” His lips met hers, then they were inches away again while his body pressed her back up against the cold, tiled shower wall. 

“Please, Brady.” 

He held her with just one hand, but within his palm he held her fragile heart and soul.  His wet boxers couldn’t hide the erection pressed against her belly. 

Begging with desperation, she touched his hips. “Please, I want to try. I want to try, Brady. Please.”

His muscles bulged everywhere like a heavyweight fighter ready to get into the championship ring. He didn’t move, just inhaled and exhaled, blowing warm minty air over her lips.  Taking his lack of communication as a maybe, she pushed down his soaked black boxers an inch.

“Please, Brady.”  She’d take mercy sex from him. 

“Ava.” His voice rumbled so low, her body vibrated with the sound.  Cream rushed down to her folds. Heat radiated from her flesh.

 “Please.” She begged. “Please.”

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Author’s Bio:

Anna started writing romance as a by-product of insomnia. After a year of late night reading, she borrowed her son’s laptop after he went to bed each night, and set about breathing life to her very own characters.

After a month of writing in the middle of the night, she was surprised with a new laptop of her own to pursue her dreams. With a B.A. in English Literature and a desire to fill her world with wonderful stories she and her close friends could not just talk about, but gush over, she shed her job as mom of three in the late night hours and assumed her alter ego of dirty girl.

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