Broken Pieces & Pieced Together (Broken Pieces #1 & #2) by Kelly Moore

 I know I have been publishing less than usual, but I have been swamped plus my computer died and I am still waiting for my new macbook to come in. I never realised how my life depended so much on my computer and that I would be so lost without it.

However, I had those 2 volumes to read and luckily they were already on my kindle so I was able to read them without losing my mind wondering how I would get them there.  So enough my personal computer drama and let us get into the two books.

Broken Pieces focuses on Brogan’s PoV as she is still recovering from some really traumatic childhood history.  She is a survivor and well as expected dealing with a lot of issues. She considers herself broken.

Then Brogan meets Ky and sparks are flying all over the place, those 2 are steamy and kinky together.

We find out that Ky is also broken so we have those two beautifully broken people together and from there on it gets really got hot and sexy and most of the book becomes on sex scene after the other.  I am not complaining, they were nice and some originality.  The kink is there enough not to make it vanilla dull. Not that I think vanilla is!!

We learn a lot about what happened to Brogan when she was young and how she was raped and abused by her dad.  I realize this is a major spoiler but not really much a surprise as we know from the start it is going to be bad.

Not wanting to reveal more, things happen and then Ky leaves!

We start book 2 Pieced Together about 3 years later with Ky and this time with switching PoVs compared to the first book.

It is a journey of redemption for Ky stumbling on Brogan again unexpectedly and him wanting for them to get back together.

Brogan does not make it easy on him and with all the hurt and time passing they manage to get together.  There are other bits to the story and their relationship but I do not want to give it all away.

Both books were really super quick to read, I think I finished each in about a couple of hours tops.  It was not badly written at all, though I spotted a few typos but that maybe cause they were not fully edited review copies.

It was really fast paced and the characters were not bad at all!  I liked Brogan and Ky, and the secondary characters like Zane Brogan’s brother and Cady her best friend.

Another character that was really a standout for me is Dr. Kohl Brogan and Zane’s psychiatrist, he was really a nice breath of fresh air and I did love his humor and sarcasm.

Broken Pieces and Pieced Together reminded me in some places with Fifty Shades, I thought that was funny.  But I guess if you enjoyed Fifty and if you like steamy sexy romances these two books are the ones for you.

I did enjoy them and if you are looking for a fast read then those are the books for you.


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