The Lethal Agent (The Extraction Files #2) by R.S. McCoy Review

The Lethal AgentThe Lethal Agent by R.S. McCoy
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Not too long ago in June, I was really lucky to have the ARC and review the Killing Jar and if you have read my review then you know that I loved it!

Shortly after that, Rachel (beloved author) asked me to do the same with the Lethal Agent and I could not be happier! To be honest with you guys, I always feel like it is sheer torture topped with cruel and unusual punishment when we have to wait forever for the next book in a series. I can imagine that a lot of people would feel that way when we get so involved with the characters. So you can imagine that the minute I got the ARC for The Lethal Agent, it took me just a few hours to finish it and when I did I was pretty much in tears and I emailed Rachel.

Since there are 2 books in this series, I am really sad to say goodbye to all the characters and especially to Mabel.

If you read my Killing Jar Review then you know Mabel was my girl and she was a really fantastic character. The girl is super smart and badass, I could not have made her better.

I find her equally as Epic with a capital E as Katniss, and she might even give her a run for her money too. She is even better the Lethal Agent, it is not as if she changed or anything drastic, but I think this is where she really hit her max potential and the girl is glorious.

I am a huge weakness for very strong female characters and she is one of the best there is IMHO.

if you recall we have Mabel’s male counterpart Theo and I was not a huge fan at the end of book 1, he actually went from bad to worse, but in a way and I did see it coming Theo redeemed himself little by little in this book.

Since he and Mable are a team, he had to get his sh*t together and grow up a little. I recall a comment on my blog about not having Mable and Theo get together, well as a spoiler…. that ship has sailed!

For other possible spoilers, well we finally learn more about the bugs’ origins and why they have been harming us.

One question still remains, how the hell did they get into people without people realizing?

Like I mentioned at the start of this post, I was in tears at the end of the book. I got really attached and it was so sad and so perfect at the same time, I could not keep it together.

There was one every sad event.

I was pissed, very pissed!

It came out of nowhere and it broke my heart. I am nice enough to give you advance warning but I won’t tell you any more. You have to read the book and then you tell me if you figured out what I am talking about here!

I am going to do here is tell you again, that if you love Sci Fi or even if you do not, this is an amazing book! A wonderful conclusion and pretty much one of those series I will always go back to read on a regular basis! It is already on my “Obsession” list for sure!

Thank you Rachel again for the opportunity and I am still deeply touched that you entrusted the review of the series to me. I am deeply humbled!

I am highly recommending the series and please read the Killing Jar before the Lethal Agent or you might get a tad lost.

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