Blossom and the Beast (The Alder Tales #1) by R.S. McCoy

blssomBlossom and the Beast by R.S. McCoy
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This is my third time going deep into Rachel’s book as I have had the opportunity to read and review the first book of The Luminary Chronicles as well as both books of The Extractions Files. If you have not read them, well I can but only highly recommend them especially The Extractions Files that are a huge favorite of mine and some wonderful Sci-Fi.

So when Rachel offered the possibility to review this new series, I could not say no. I just finished reading this baby all in one sitting and again I am blown away. Don’t get me wrong, based on previous experience I knew it will be good but this pretty much great.

The Extractions Files is more Sci-Fi, The Luminary Chronicles I would say is more Mythology and here we have a mix of Fantasy and Fairy Tales all in an explosive mix (Though classified under Paranormal). I never though too much of Fantasy and Fairy Tales to be honest and if I actually think about it now, I would say that for me (and no I did not look up some wiki page for a proper definition) Fantasy is our contemporary way of defining Fairy Tales and making them geared towards adults and not kids.

The discussion isn’t there anyways…

Now lets talk about Blossom and the Beast. I don’t know what to say other than I just LOVED IT!!! I am trying very hard to go give too many spoilers away but that ending…




Never saw it coming!!!!

Which makes IMHO the whole book out of this world brilliant! Any one who reads my blog knows that I always fall head over heals in love with those books that really manage to surprise me.

We have another winner here my friends!

Ok, so gushing aside… let us talk about Blossom and Kaide. There is a lot to love about our power couple in the book. Blossom is fiercely independent and Kaide well overprotective. Makes for an explosive match but there lies the fun.

I really liked both of them a lot and here again as usual I admit to really liking Kaide just a pinch more than Blossom because out of the 2 of them, he is more the “tortured” one. Blossom is so strong and stubborn and it was fun seeing her fall in love with Kaide…

Ok guys, this isn’t much of a spoiler… it’s all in the title.

But yes it was much watching her falling for him, cause that boy was a goner from the moment he met her.

I knew it!

It was obvious, wasn’t it?

Outside of the romance, we have intrigue, scheming, plotting and whole bunch of really bad people. That is always fun and here it was used in such a smart way to add dimension and extra spice and plot twists to our story.

Honestly, it was great and I cannot wait to read book 2. Now I have to pray that book 2 is the last bit cause my heart will not be able to wait for a book 3 to come out. Thanks for the ARC Rachel, you have as usual managed to outdo yourself and I enjoyed every page of this book!

If you haven’t read any of Rachel’s other books well you guys are missing out and this is a great one to start or go crazy with any of her other books, they are all amazing!!

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