Why the Earl is After the Girl (Ways of Love #1) by Tabetha Waite



Why the Earl is After the Girl (Ways of Love #1)
by Tabetha Waite
Genre: Historical Romance

Sometimes love finds a way…

Miss Athena Hawthorne certainly hadn’t been looking for romance on that rainy day in London when her very existence crumbled before her. When she feels that life couldn’t get any worse, she stumbles into the very man that has the power to turn her unfortunate circumstances around.

When you least expect it…

Orion Ashcroft, the Earl of Rockford, offers Athena the chance to gain her vengeance by granting her a respectable position as a governess. What she doesn’t know is that he is plotting his own revenge against her. He believes that she is responsible for the theft of a priceless, family heirloom and he is determined to see it restored – no matter the cost.


“The Game is On!”

You will have to forgive me with my little Sherlock reference here, but January is my “SherLOCKED” month of obsession and well, you know what this book was a mystery as well as a romance and that little quote came into my mind mid way through the book.

I would like to say that I found the book title quite odd to begin with, not odd as in bad more like uncommon and I found that quite intriguing.  There is something about intriguing titles and covers that I have a hard time resisting.

Let me start by telling you that I really liked Why the Earl is After the Girl as I found Athena and Orion really charming and really interesting characters; and frankly all of the secondary characters are wonderful too.  I like it when we have a set of really wonderful characters that I will likely see again in future books in the series.  I would like to offer a special mention to Roarke and Cassie.

So back to our mains Orion and Athena (Don’t you just love the names?)  I liked them, especially Athena though Rion as we refer to him in the book is great too.  Lots of attraction, mixed feelings and well tracking a thief.

The book is easy to read, well written with a great pace.  it is funny, sad, exciting and pretty much an adventure.  Frankly, I cannot wait to read more from Tabetha and I can already imagine that book 2 of this series will be more focused on Roarke (Rion’s bestie).  So when is book 2 coming out? I may be a little ahead of myself here, but that ought to tell you that I am really excited about this series.

This comes as no surprise to anyone that I am going to recommend Why the Earl is After the Girl as I enjoyed every second of reading it.


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