Waiting For an Earl Like You (Masters of Seduction, #3) by Alexandra Hawkins

Waiting For an Earl Like You by Alexandra Hawkins
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I will admit that I do love my Regency Romances, they are always and I am always rolling my eyes are men’s behaviors during that time period (hey, girl gotta have her fun).

Then the next thing I tell myself is that if I ever got back to that time period, I would seriously kick all of their collective asses.

To be honest, it is what make them fun for me and how in pretty much all the cases well we have a smart, independent pretty much fierce young lady trying to take control of her life.

Waiting For an Earl Like You is exactly that and I so so so loved Olivia our leading lady for not being anyone’s fool and for not putting up with whatever crap was thrown her way.

That girl made me smile quite a bit, and to be fair our leading hero Thorn was not too bad either. So I am going to give you a bit more info and nothing that can be considered major spoilers. Thorn is a twin and his twin Gideon was and I should say is very close to Olivia in form on a great friend. I would go to say that they are besties.

So another no too unexpected spoiler… guess who plays a game of switcharoo?

Oh yes!

Naughty naughty Justin!

I do like them naughty, in books they are fun and entertaining for sure.

I gave out quite a bit here, but let me tell you that I really liked the story (there is a baddie but my lips are sealed).

It is a quick read, very easy and entertaining. I did it in one go overnight and I enjoyed every second of it.  Even the secondary characters are quite enjoyable too, no weaknesses spotted here my friends

The characters are really nicely well written and very entertaining. The book is really a pleasure to read and my only disappointment is that I did not realize that it was third in a series. I really wish I had known so that I could have read the first 2.

Having said that, it is very much a standalone and can be read without the first 2. I tend to like reading series from book one and that is me. If you are like me then, go for book 1 and 2 but don’t let this stop you.

I cannot wait to see what Alexandra will come up with next and I am putting the 2 previous books (A Duke but No Gentleman and You Can’t Always Get the Marquess You Want) in my to read list when I have a bit of time.

In case of any doubt, I am going to highly recommend it!

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