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Lizzie’s Earl

by Fiona Miers

Genre: Regency Romance

She’s a widow seeking a gentleman to give her the family she wants and enjoy life on her country estate. He’s a London rakehell seeking a wife he can wed, bed and forget. Who will prevail?



This was such a cute book!

I will tell you from the get go that it was a short book and really a fast read.  It has a good pace to it and frankly it is an easy read. I do believe I was done within a couple of hours; bearing in mind that I am a fast reader.

So we meet Rupert and Lizzie and I like Rupert quite a bit when he was so stunned to be initially rejected by Lizzie when he propositions her.

One thing to say: You go girl!!!

That is a lady I can sure admire.

Though I have to tell you that there was that part in the beginning of the book that had me howling in laughter where Charlotte (Rupert’s Friend) who is pregnant corners him and have him touch the baby bump and the baby moving.  His initial reaction was awesome and exactly what I needed at that time in my day!

I will tell you guys that I am annoyed at myself that I did not realize that the book is already book 3 of a series and I would have loved to read 1 and 2.  Now, like I always say when this happens, this worked out really well as a stand alone novel and missing out on the two first books will not stop you at all from enjoying this one.

Lizzie is a badass, feisty yet vulnerable and I liked her too.

So, like I always say I do not want to give too much away well because it is best if you read the book yourselves. It is not long and it is quite entertaining and downright steamy in some places!!

I am guessing on the other “spares” in the book that there should be one more after this covering the remaining unmarried one, but now it is my mission to find the previous 2 books and read them too.  Based of some tidbits of info seen here, I have certainly missed some shenanigans!

So I say go for it and I hope you laugh as hard as I did (at that one part) reading Lizzie’s Earl and enjoy it too.


Lizzie stopped, shocked. She looked around, unable to decide exactly what to do. Thoughts whirled through her head.

Where had he come from?

He was alone. She was alone.

Had he planned this somehow?

He couldn’t really be here for her could he?

“The Honourable Mr. Willoughby? Good day,” she returned, curtsying finally and slowly.

“Please, call me Rupert.” he invited her, out of breath as he spoke. “I really don’t like my last name,” he added, with a charming smile.

“Oh, I couldn’t possibly,” Lizzie exclaimed, surprised by his forwardness.

She had never had a gentleman pursue her with such dishonourable intentions before. It was quite disconcerting how effective he was at the task. Lizzie could feel her heart beating twice as fast as it should have been and her body had tightened in all sorts of unusual places.

She began to walk along the path again, faster than before, Rupert trailing at her heels.

“Why ever not? Charlotte does.” He pointed out amiably, pulling up beside her and matching her pace with his long legs.

Lizzie slowed and let him walk beside her. It was true, Charlotte did call him by his first name, but she had known him for most of her life. Also, Rupert wasn’t trying to get Charlotte into bed like he was with her.

“The Countess has known you for many years. But I have not. No, I don’t think so.”


Author’s Bio:

Fiona Miers has a super busy life, like most modern women, but always finds time for reading and writing romance. Her love affair with the romance genre started when she was only 11 years old, when her mother, and nana, handed her, her first mills and boon.
Since then she’s built her own business, become a mother to two beautiful little girls, and fallen in love with the most spectacular man on the planet. (JMHO)
Fiona writes MF contemporary and historical romance, writing more erotic stories under the pen name Tamsin Baker.
Thank you for reading this, and hopefully you’ll love reading about her characters as much as she loved creating them.
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