When It’s Real by Erin Watt

No one was happier than me when I was able to get my hands on the ARC of this fantastic book.  But before we dig into this little beauty here, I am going to give you a little background.

I discovered Erin Watt when I stumbled upon Paper Princess (The Royals Series) on Amazon and like always I liked the blurb and got the book, needly to say that I did not expect to fall so hard in love with the story, the whole series and that amazing writing of Erin Watt!

Btw, for those who don’t know Erin Watt is the Nom de Plume for 2 amazing ladies Jen Frederick and Elle Kennedy.

Before I get into When It’s Real, you have to read The Royals!  You can trust me, that you will fall hook, line and sinker with Ella and Reed and never be the same again! Tagline of the book was so right!

Now, like I said when the announcement came for When It’s Real, the only though in my head was: Need and NOW!!!  I was lucky to get the ARC and can I tell you guys that from the moment I opened the first page, I was in my happy zone!

You should know that if you have read The Royals, then the style and flow of the book will come as a no surprise to you!


It reads perfectly easily, it is smooth and you get sucked in the story in wonderful ways!  I knew deep down that I could not be disappointed by this book and was so right!

We have everything, sass, fun, sadness, a few sexy moments here and there and all of this around a fantastic set of characters.

We have Oakley (Oak for his friends) and Vaughn, thrown together for the sake of a PR cleanup.  In this day and age with how our lives are so public thanks to Social Media, Oak needs a girl next door to help his image and make him look less than a player.  In fairness, he is 19 and who was not having plenty of fun at that age?

I for one did, but lucky for me there was no one tracking my movements and no Twitter and Instagram to showcase my antics to the world.

Oak is in that phase where is becoming an adult and well he is a famous singer to boot that also belongs to a famous family where both his parents are renowned actors.  Honestly, I would not want that life.

You know I do not like to give you guys to many spoilers but I feel like I have given plenty already!

What you need to know is that this is the perfect book for the summer, and I am expecting it to be a GINORMOUS hit (all caps to show you how much I am expecting it to take the world by storm!)

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Honestly the book follows the classic tale of popular boy meets girl next door, it has been done so many times; but it is always about how it is done and who the characters are.

I have to give it to my girl Vaughn, I love her she is amazing and so bloody real. For all I know she could be my next door neighbor.  The way I saw it is that all of us could relate to her and her family and background one way or another cause she is one of us.

This is where I love Erin’s writing and have so much admiration for it; cause it felt like I was right there with them living the story too.  The book is so relevant as well, when you look at how the world has changed around us in the last 2 decades!

I think the title is a perfect fit and I can promise you that you guys are going to go GAGA over it like I did. This my book of the summer and I am pretty certain that the book will be nothing but a Best Seller. I will be reading it again a few more times in the upcoming weeks just in case I missed something.

Thank you so so much for the opportunity to read the book in advance, you guys made my week!

Pre-Order – Click the image below

(Release Date: May 30th)



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