Omega (Mackenzie Grey #4) by Karina Espinosa

OMEGA by Karina Espinosa
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Omg this is the week, where it seems one day after another I am reviewing the final book of a series.

Just yesterday it was the last one for The Dark Romeo Trilogy by Sienna Blake and today I am saying farewell to my girl Mackenzie Grey!

I was heartbroken yesterday, and I am equally as much today too! Mackenzie holds a special place in my heart as one she is a badass and two well because she was my first lycan I really really loved!

I discovered the original trilogy back in April (so not that long ago really) and I totally fell head over heals in love with the books.

I think we can fairly say that I was very enthusiastic about the books and I was so happy when I discovered that Karina was writing the final chapter in Omega.

I have a hard hard time letting go of beloved characters, anyone who reads my reviews on my blog knows that, and this one guys belongs that same family!

At the start of Omega, quite a bit of time has passed since the ending of Alpha and a bit of the heartbreak that follows the transformation of Mackenzie’s bestie into a vampire…

I am saying this in the hopes that you have read the first 3 books otherwise what I am talking about my good friends will make no sense whatsoever for you!

So…. yes, my girl Kenzie misses her bestie and is quite down whilst a series of murders are happening in New York.

We have come full circle friends!

Though she has isolated herself, it is clear she misses Bash and the other wolves though she is still hellbent on not belonging to a pack.

Don’t blame you girl!

One of things that I liked about Omega is that we went a bit more into the murders investigation and that brought back fond memories of the Sookie Stackhouse books. After all, both series deal with the supernatural world and each have some sort of murder/mystery/something to solve in between daily life events.

I am not going to dig into too much detail and spoil the finale for you but I can tell you that we have an epic battle and a lot of things are resolved!

Well duh!!!…

However, because I love you all I need to warn you that you will facing a very sad sad sad I cried so hard moment and I am still barely recovering!
I will not say anything further, but you will know what I am talking about when you get there. As I am typing this review, I am tearing up again thinking about it.

Honestly guys and girls, this book is fantastic and I really hope maybe we can get a standalone little adventure with the gang sometimes in the future! (pretty please Karina!!! I did say I have a hard time letting go…)

I will say that you cannot read Omega as a standalone you will need to have read all 3 previous books to really fall in love with the series and the really fantastic characters in it!

Lets be honest, you do not have to love vampires, werewolves or other supernatural beings to enjoy this series, at the end they are just people and that is a universal story!

I am going to very HIGHLY recommend Omega and all the series to be fair! Plus, aren’t those covers really lovely?


Quick Question: Karina did she drink the potion or not?  I gotta know… pretty pls! (or are you planning a spin off book)


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