An Earl in Wolf’s Clothing (Rules of the Rogue) by Emily Windsor

An Earl in Wolf’s Clothing by Emily Windsor
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I want to start this review by saying a big thank you to Emily for the ARC!

I gotta tell you, at the end of chapter one, I was hooked!
How do you fix a huge misunderstanding when the person you need to set straight has left you and gone bye bye to Ireland.

I think Bram can tell you lots about it! This is pretty much what happened to him when Sophie overheard something she should not have and interpreted it the wrong way.

Now a year later and Bram is doing all he can to get his girl back.

Can I tell you that Bram’s effort to into Sophie’s good graces some of the funniest and sweetest things I have read in recent memory!

I loved the book and I do believe I may have fallen in love with Bram myself a little bit!

You gotta read the book and then you will not think that I have gone crazy saying it!

Another element of the book that are really loved are Bram’s friends a Duke and a Marquess and they are both bloody brilliant!

They give the worse advice possible and it is so much fun to see the 3 men together and I have to admit that I really really need a book for each one of them and I am praying and hoping that the next book will be about my new favorite Duke and Sophie’s cousin.

Their interactions are out of this world fantastic and she truly is a very unique character! I so need more of her, heck these 2 together would keep me entertained for weeks!

I do think I am sharing a lot but at the same time not everything either, because darlings… you gotta read the book!

As you can see from what I said above, An Earl in Wolf’s Clothing is very entertaining, sweet and touching and quite a bit romantic!

Emily did a wonderful job and I cannot wait to read more of her books! I am going to highly recommend it and you are going to thank me for it!

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