Gray’s Promise (King Security #2) by Anni Fife

Gray’s Promise (King Security #2)
by Anni Fife
Genre: Steamy Romantic Suspense (R-Sex, Language)
Length: 406 Pages / 100 821 Words
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Release Date: 8 December, 2017

A jealousy that destroys everything in its path…a love that refuses to die.

Zoey Morgan seems to have it all as a successful surgeon in Boston. However, perfection lies only on the surface. Plagued by nightmares and amnesia from a tragedy that ripped her family from her fourteen years ago, she finds the courage to reach out to the only man who can make her feel safe. She’s buried the memory of their love, but her heart—and her body—responds to the ex-marine in ways that are all too familiar.

Grayson “Gray” Walker’s heart shattered when Zoey chose another man over him. Since then, he’s built an impenetrable wall around his emotions. But from the moment she implodes back into his life, her vulnerability breaches his defenses. His skills as an elite member of the King Security team cannot shield him from the devastation of learning he might have left Zoey high and dry when she needed him most. Now, Gray must navigate the tripwire of helping her heal while protecting himself from being hurt again.

As the embers of their potent love reignite, an old threat awakens, leading to greater danger than ever before.


Can I say before I start that I have missed so much Anni’s writing and her special take on a super hot steamy romance that leaves me needing a cold shower to cool down?!

When Is ay stuff like that you know already that this is going to be really really bloody well FANTASTIC!  Yup, you may notice the caps.

Alright let me recap this for you, around the same time last year, I was introduced to Anni’s writing and reviewed Luke’s Redemption the first book for her King Security series. Now that I am writing this and think about it, I did not realize how long it has been!

Yes and the more I am thinking about it I realize that I need to have a chat with Anni about her only gracing us with a amazing book once a year!  Anni could we negotiate on more books per year pretty please?

Look, if anything that I have said before did not clue you in, Gray’s Promise is in a league of it’s own. I still need that cold shower after I write this review and I have no idea who the model on the cover is but he is yummy and I need a name and a number! (I am asking nicely!)

Luke’s Redemption was already Hot and Gray’s Promise is the next level up and I don’t even know how it is possible to dial up the sexiness and the steam to that level but Anni did it and it is simply a wonder!

Let’s talk about Gray and Zoey, my gosh my heart was pretty broken for them from the first page and let me tell you it is really bad, I should you warn you that we deal in rape, so if this is something you cannot handle then please read the book with caution!

There is something so special about the two that even in midst of horror and tragedy and years later, they fell like a part of you, and that is not something I tend to feel often towards characters no matter how much I adore them! Gray and Zoey for now on hold a really special place in my heart because of who they are!  They are beautifully well written, amazing characters with their flaws and all that for me they jumped right out of the page!  All of this show how an amazing story teller Anni is and showcases her understanding of emotions and the resilience of the human soul.

On a lighter note, it was great seeing familiar characters such as Luke and King and others, and I am hoping we get King’s story soon… I am getting more curious about him; but we have enough man candy @ Kings that I don’t know how long I will have to wait for him…

Honestly guys, the book is amazing, the characters are wonderful and if you are in the mood for some insane amount of heat, this is the book for you! I am going to very highly recommend it and I hope you fall in love with Zoey and Gray just like I did!

Thank you Anni for the amazing opportunity to review the book, I am so eternally grateful!



A jealousy that destroys everything in its path…a love that refuses to die.


He was behind the reception desk, leaning over a computer screen, and discussing something with the receptionist. He glanced up to check who was exiting the elevator. I had no doubt he knew me immediately because his brows snapped together, recognition clear on his face. His eyes tracked me as I approached.

“Good morning, may I help you?”

I tore my gaze from Gray’s to stare at the receptionist. He was slim, dark-eyed, and so perfectly groomed he looked like he’d been airbrushed for a GQ cover. His brow arched, waiting for my response. I ignored him and looked back at Gray, who remained frozen. Like a still-life, one arm resting on the back of the receptionist’s chair, the other bracing himself on the desk. Only now, his face was blank. My stomach tried to launch into my chest. Blank! I didn’t know how else to describe it. Dear God, please let my face be blank too. But I knew it wasn’t.


My heart raced. It was a cliché but it was true. I could feel it pumping in my chest. Gray was even more handsome than I remembered. His dark hair was short, but not military short. It was sleekly styled, like his clothing. Practical, but his jeans were definitely designer. He was more built than I remembered, the power in his body clearly defined by the silky black T-shirt hugging his torso. He’d always been confident; now it was something else. Something that lifted the hair all over my body. But my heart didn’t care. It beat wildly. Recognizing him. Wanting him.

But his face was blank.

“Hello-oo! Do you have an appointment?”

“Cool it, Blake, she’s here for Gray.”

It was the hunk who looked like Thor that spoke. But like Gray, I paid him no heed. I was locked in a silent battle of wills with Grayson Walker. And I was losing.

Shit. I should have made an appointment.

I sucked in a long breath. One-one-thousand, two-one-thousand, three-one-thousand…ever so slowly, I breathed out, never breaking eye contact with him. My heartbeat settled. Yes. I could do this; I was a master at control.

Acid trickled up my throat as he pushed away from the desk and straightened to his full height. His fixed gaze never left mine. My hands curled, fingernails digging into my palms. I always remembered his eyes more blue than gray. Gentle and glinting with wicked humor. Not anymore. Now they were slate. Cold and lethal, like the scalpels I used to cut through human tissue.

“How did you know where to find me?”

No greeting? No “lovely to see you, Zoey”?

“Gerald,” I croaked.

I swallowed hard, pushing down the pain. My voice was normally husky and low-pitched. Gray used to say it was sultry. I loved that, especially since the huskiness was a result of baby colic. I was a chronic crier as a baby and developed nodules, which in turn created calluses on my vocal cords. So sultry sounded nice, sexy.

I didn’t sound sultry now.

My skin goosed as I watched his lips set into a hard line. His mouth was one of the thousand things I loved about him. His upper lip a perfect cupid’s bow. His lower one, full and sensual with a marked indent. I used to tease him that he had the mouth of a porn star. And he did. God! The indescribable pleasure—

“…do you want?”

What did he say? As usual, I’d let the past smother the present. “I’m sorry—”

“What are you doing here, Zoey?” he repeated, clearly impatient.

Yes, what was I doing here?



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About the Author:

Anni Fife is an exciting contemporary romance author who has already made an indelible mark in the popular genre of steamy romantic suspense. Her debut novel, Luke’s Redemption, has been acclaimed by critics and readers and was a Finalist in the 2017 RONE Awards. Anni says she credits Kristen Ashley as her guiding inspiration, and strives to make her characters equally as heart-wrenching and unforgettable. She is currently working on Eva’s Peace (King Security Book 3).

Last year, Anni closed the door on a successful career in television production to fulfill her lifelong passion, writing. In the space of a month, she shut her business, packed up her city life, and moved to a small seaside village. When she’s not writing, she can be found on the beach searching for pansy shells, or drinking red wine and gabbing with her gal posse.

If you want to know when Anni’s next book is releasing and be first to get regular updates and BONUS TREATS, visit her website and sign up to join her POSSE.

Anni is published by The Wild Rose Press, and is a member of Romance Writers of America (RWA).

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