Fallen (Shadows of Regia #1) by Tenaya Jayne

Fallen (Shadows of Regia Book One)
by Tenaya Jayne
Genre: PNR
Publisher: Cold Fire Publishing LLC
Date of Publication: Sep. 29th 2017
ISBN: 978-0998674131
Number of pages: 375
Word Count: 72,000
Cover Artist: Tenaya Jayne
Tagline: Destiny is a heartless bitch.
Half vampire and wealthy playboy, Maddox lives his life in the public eye and thoroughly enjoys his bad reputation. But what most people believe of him is not who he really is. Life has always been easy for Maddox, but now a dark figure moves through the shadows slaughtering innocent young women, and the evidence points at him as his exes start turning up dead with his name carved into their skin.
Erin hates everything Maddox stands for and when her best friend becomes the most recent in the line of mysterious killings, she has no doubt the rich lothario is responsible. Torn by grief, Erin decides to take matters into her own hands and she will stop at nothing to make Maddox pay.
But when the two rivals finally come head to head, neither is prepared for the sparks that fly or the eternal bond that destiny weaves between their souls. Maddox is desperate to keep Erin by his side and prove to her his innocence.  Erin would rather die than submit to being his destined life mate… And her death is just what the killer has in mind.
When I was reading Fallen, I did not realize at all that it was actually a spin off from another series that actually covers Maddox’s (our main guy) parents.  Having finished the book, now I am really super interested in getting my hands on the original series called The Legends of Regia.
So in this book, we get to know Maddox and Erin.
Maddox is the it guy about town, and Erin is well not!.. Her dad is ill, she is not particularly rich and she is pretty much kinda disgusted with Maddox!
To be fair, I cannot disagree with her, considering how that boy is behaving in the first half of the book!  That for me spoke out really loudly of Erin’s character!
I really like that girl!
But when tragedy strikes in the form of a series of murders where Maddox is the apparent suspect, things shift.
Now you know me, I don’t give too many details and I am going to keep that tradition going. I think I have given you plenty to make you curious, I can use a cliche and tell you that when those 2 meet the earth shook? I could….
But do I want to?
Fallen is fun, I had a few good laughs, a few oh no he didn’t moments and some smart twists! I found the book really well written and easy to read and I am looking forward to the next one in the series!
I am going to highly recommend it if you are into Fantasy and if you are not, this is lovely intro to the genre! I do hope you love it as much as I did!
About the Author:
Reading my bio, huh?
Real life sucks. I bet you feel like that sometimes, maybe even right now. That’s why I write fantasy. I need to escape depression, bitterness, bills, illness…I could go on, but you get it. In the pages of fiction, I can slay the dragons, triumph over the bad guys, be immortal, and never struggle with love handles. For a short time, I can let it all go, and be everything I can’t be in real life. Maybe you’re hurting right now. Maybe you’re in the waiting room of the hospital, or just stuck in traffic. I’ve brought a portal. Come with me…Let’s ditch this crappy popsicle stand and go somewhere great, where we can forget all this, at least for a while.
That’s why I write. I’m not an author, I’m an escape artist.

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