Lord Devere’s Ward by Suz deMello 

Lord Devere’s Ward: A Regency Romance
by Suz deMello
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This one is a classic!

I actually read the book and finished it a while back and I can tell you that it was very entertaining. What surprised me the most was the way Quinn spoke actually. I found it refreshingly different and it added something extra to the book.

Ok let me start from the beginning and say that Kate is running from her evil uncle who locked her up in a tower wanting to marry her to his son. It’s all about the money and I am sure that when I say that, no one here is actually surprised!

But Kate is not a weakling but a smart and determined lady who escapes, runs to London to ask her Guardian for help. He was meant to be an older gentleman but he had passed on and now it is Quinn his son (young and handsome) who is now her guardian!

And the rest is history….

Well not really…. we get some really fabulous twists and turns… I mean Kate pretty much ran for her life and like I said at first Quinn is really something else!

I finished the book in pretty much a one go in bed and I loved it! It was really entertaining, the characters were wonderful and you could see that Kate and Quinn would make for a really outstanding pairing.

That is the first book I read from Suz deMello and I can tell you right now that it won’t be the last. Lord Devere’s Ward is a really wonderful Regency romance and I am going to highly recommend it!

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