Let Sleeping Dukes Lie (Rules of the Rogue #3) by Emily Windsor

Let Sleeping Dukes Lie (Rules of the Rogue #3)
by Emily Windsor
Genre: Regency Romance
Release Date: 21st May 2018.
Pre-release Date: 9th May 2018
Length: 66,000 words
Tropes: Ruthless duke. Bold heroine. Regency London. Spies. Friendship. Overcoming hurt.
Tone: Warm. Witty. Romantic.
Heat Level: Sensual. Moderate

Elevator Pitch: A haughty duke who has forever spurned love…and with good reason. A fiery lady who refuses to be spurned. Resistance is futile.

Tagline: Resistance is futile…


Strait-laced. Ruthless. Arrogant.

Alexander Westhide, the Duke of Rakecombe has no quarrel with such faint praise as he has forever shunned marriage, women, and anything remotely resembling love. Indeed, the damning words merely serve to enhance his haughty façade. But beneath the controlled demeanor lies a duke beset by tragedy, a man turbulent and restless.

Forthright. Impudent Capricious saucebox.

Miss Aideen Quinlan can’t quite express why she feels the need to taunt, tease and generally annoy the Duke of Rakecombe. Maybe it was for the heart-racing spar of words that always ensued, or maybe it was to see the duke’s broad fist clench on his ebony cane, green eyes glittering.

Or maybe it was because she was unable to erase the memory of his vehement kiss…

An unlikely couple.

Torn between his world of espionage and this unquenchable passion, the duke still refuses to lower his fierce defences.

If Aideen is to capture her resistant duke’s troubled heart, it is she who must follow the Rules of the Rogue

A sensual Regency Romance with warmth and wit.

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I have waited for this book quite a while…

Truth be told I wanted it to be already available midway through reading An Earl in Wolf’s Clothing which is book 1 of the series.  We actually meet Aideen and Alex there, and the meeting is explosive.

I knew those 2 were going to be trouble, and as usual, I was right!

I know these things, I am telling you my friends and Emily for sure did not disappoint when they finally get their own story to be told.

Truth be told, it was very soon after the review for An Earl in Wolf’s Clothing that I asked Emily about those two and she was so kind and told me that this book was coming so, I sat down patiently (ok not so patiently) for this baby to come and…

Do I really need to tell you?

Let Sleeping Dukes Lie is pretty epic, and I was really surprised as to how Emily brought Aideen and Alex together. I think of all the possible ways to do it, I did not think of that one and though at first I was like.. why?? Noooooo…  I realized it was actually the smartest way to do so.

I mean, I admit it took me by surprise as I mentioned above but that took things between the 2 to the next level.

I also really loved the secondary characters surrounding the both of them and I have a special fondness in my heart for Alex’s mom!

The Duchess is epic!

I loved her so much and she brought a certain balance to Alex and support for Aideen in the best way.

Alright, I am done dropping hints, you know me… I like to keep an aura of mystery around the books.  But one thing you need to know is that Let Sleeping Dukes Lie is wonderfully written and an amazing second book to this series.

Honestly, as much as I adored book 1, this one has gone to the next level and I can already imagine that book 3 is going to be out of this world (No pressure there Emily!!)

Though you may read and enjoy this one as a standalone, I would very much encourage you to actually start with book 1 An Earl in Wolf’s Clothing as it is a great introduction to all the 3 male leads of the series and especially the most sizzling intro to this duo.

You know that I am going to VERY HIGHLY recommend Let Sleeping Dukes Lie to you all and encourage you to actually read the series.  I promise you, that you will not regret it.

Now, I wait for book 3 and to how the funniest of this lot of rogues to fall hard.

I hope you love Let Sleeping Dukes Lie as much as I did! Let me know what you though!



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