Challenge Accepted (Cleat Chasers #1) by Jaqueline Snowe

Challenge Accepted
by Jaqueline Snowe
Genre: YA Romance
Release Date: October 3rd, 2017
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Summary from Goodreads:

Most college girls ‘swipe right’ to meet the right guy—Callie meets All-Star pitcher Zade while he’s buying tampons. College is all about learning, right?

How often do you meet your dream guy buying tampons at Target? Never, right? For Callie, a baseball-loving, closet chef, hardworking college student, it happened just once. The magic was too real, too fast, and too much so, she left the store without exchanging names. Fate worked in wonderful ways, right?

Zade Willows, the All-Star pitcher rumored to be drafted his senior year, gets what he wants. He has a fan club named after him who follow his every move but when he meets Callie, the game changes. She knows all his plays and knows how the game always ends: in heartbreak. Zade doesn’t back down and is willing to try anything. He’ll eventually get the girl, right?


I really loved this book.

Sports romances were not really my thing, but then I have in recent history read a few and quite enjoyed them.  Challenge Accepted was truly entertaining and a wonderful addition to the genre.

To be honest, there were times when I was reading, that brought Romeo and Rimmel to mind for me.  That is never a bad thing in my book!


I really liked Callie and Zade, they were really lively and fresh characters. They were well written, as individuals and even together! I pretty much had a huge smile on my face as I was reading and I can tell you that I did not put the book down until I was done!

I mean their meeting is epic, and I was sold from there!

Other than Callie and Zade, you also had a really fun group of characters and I have a fondness for Callie’s bestie.  Is she going to be our main girl for book 2?

I think she deserves to be!

My opinion…

I think Jaqueline did a wonderful job and I cannot wait to read her other books as well!  I am going to highly recommend Challenge Accepted as a delightful little gem.  My question when is book 2 coming as I am needing it stat!!!


About the Author

Jaqueline Snowe lives in Arizona where the “dry heat” really isn’t that bad. She enjoys making lists with colorful post it notes and sipping on coffee all day. She has been a custodian, waitress, landscaper, coach, and a high school teacher. Her life revolves around 200 high school kids, her two dogs who don’t realize they aren’t humans, and her wonderful baseball-loving husband. 

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