The Redemption Lie by Amanda J. Clay

I will be honest…

At first, I was not crazy about The Redemption Lie.  It was really slow paced, not much happening a lot of convos going on and on and on Nina needs to help the DEA because of well what she did before.

We all know, especially if you follow my reviews that I love my books more often than not to be super fast paced, action driven with when possible ass-kicking strong female leads.

This book was not it at all… however saying that I did enjoy that Nina (our main character) had a very interesting past, and the same applied to Beck our DEA agent sent to convince her to cooperate.

Just to give you a bit of a background since I do not have a blurb up for this post, Nina is a restaurant owner and an ex-con.  She was convicted on drug charges and did a few years in prison.

There is of course more to the story, but I am not telling because well spoilers!

Now, thanks to the restaurant she bought, he is helping herself to stay out of trouble and doing the same for other women in her position or at risk.

Beck that I mentioned above is a DEA agent sent to bring her in when drugs seem to be back in circulation and somewhat related to Nina’s past.

So as I said, it started slowly (I was praying for something, like anything to happen) as pretty much it was all about convincing Nina to help.


Somewhere as I was reading along, we dig in deeper into the story, things become more interesting. This is where I started having a huge smile on my face!

Yes, my friends, things took off and boy did I enjoy some of the surprises that came along.

This took the book from slow to exciting!

By the time I reached the last page, I was screaming because I wanted to know what happened next. So, I am speculating there will be a book 2 and I pretty much need to know when.

Though I was a skeptic at first, The Redemption Lie redeemed itself (all puns intended) for me in a big way and I think the reason the beginning felt that way to me is that Amanda was clearly setting up the premises, histories and the characters.

My personal preferences aside, The Redemption Lie was well written, a great read and with two very strong and unique characters.  This is was an amazing intro to a series, and now I have a lot of super high expectations regarding what is coming next.

When is book 2 again?

If you are into Crime books then this one is for sure a good one to dig into. However, if you are new to the genre, then you are having a heck of an intro here with this baby.

I am going to very highly recommend you all The Redemption Lie, and I cannot wait to hear how you like it!


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