Benevolent Passion (Heaven’s Heart #2) by Amanda Pillar

Benevolent Passion (Heaven’s Heart Series #2)
by Amanda Pillar
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Just a few weeks ago, I posted on my blog the review for Deadly Passion. I was really excited about it because I went through an angel drought and it ended with this book.

I very much enjoyed Deadly Passion and definitely recommend it. The chief reason I say that, is because well you would enjoy Benevolent Passion a lot better with the background. I would not advise starting with Benevolent Passion as characters, relationships and events would end up being confusing. So trust me on this one, you want to start with book 1.

I was really waiting for this baby because as I finished Deadly Passion, I realized that book 2 will end up being about Dru’s sister Peony and her patient. We are still dealing with the fallout of the event that occurred at the beginning of Deadly Passion, but here we are following Zadkiel, that pretty much vanished after the attack. Let me tell you that it isn’t pretty!

Not wanting to give too much away (you know me!) the relationship between Zadkiel (who is really in a very bad shape) and Peony who is doing all she can to heal him, evolves slowly as we get deeper into the book.

I really enjoyed very much the fact that we made a bit of progress in regard to the attack that started it all. Some tidbits, but I am guessing we will discover more as we go along.

There were a few interesting twists and surprises, you will get no complaints from me there as it all of these elements make for a really entertaining read.

I am not sure how many books are meant to have been in this series, but you know what, I am hooked and I cannot wait for book 3. The series seems to be going stronger and I am living for it.

I truly think Amanda did a wonderful job with the characters and how linked and tied in things are. Did I mention that I cannot wait for book 3?

Honestly, a wonderful series and I have a lot of high expectations when it comes to the upcoming volumes. Amanda set for herself a very high bar that I have no doubt she will smash. For me, she is an author to watch and I cannot wait to read more of her work.’

I am going to be VERY HIGHLY recommending Benevolent Passion, you are going to love it! However, as I said before; please start with book 1. Both books are very well written and pretty much a joy!

Can I say that I really have a soft spot for this cover? Even the one for Deadly Passion is beautiful.  The artist did an amazing job! I would not mind this image in a much bigger size hanging by my desk!

I hope you love them as much as I did!

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