Rhythm in Blue (Azalea Valley Series #2) by Hope Malory

Rhythm in Blue by Hope Malory
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I am super late at posting this review and for that I do apologize. New job plus having to travel around the country made it really hard to sit down and focus even for a few minutes to write the review.

Honestly, I finished the book a while ago, actually not too long after I received it from Hope as an ARC, but time got away and even to this day, I do hate when the real world interferes with my reading.

However, now I do have a bit of sanity back, let’s do it!

Full disclosure, I read book 1 of the series and published the review a year ago, if you are curious it all starts with Wildfires and Roses and in that book we meet with Beasley and Will. Honestly, I did enjoy it very much and I was super happy to see a year later a new volume this time focusing on Beasley’s sister Brenner.

They have rather unique names in this family, love it!

So we are talking about Brenner and Garrett here, and them meeting again. Mini spoiler alerts, they have some history but no details my friends!

The get the basics out of the way, if you have read Wildfires and Roses, then you will have no surprises here. Hope is very consistent in her writing and the characters are really great and relatable. You have a good amount of emotional scenes and you can see how the book has been written with love and care.

I wish it did not take so long for book 2, but if I am honest, looking at my schedule I can understand better now why writing a book could take this long.

It does make me wonder if there are more books coming to this series, I think now all the girls have their stories, what is gonna happen to the men?

I digress, so let us go back to Rhythm in Blue; I really loved it, it was nice to sit down and have an enjoyable moment with good characters and story. It was a good change of pace, because what I finished before was so OTT dramatic, that Rhythm in Blue was relaxing.

If you have read book 1, then this is just a wonderful and you know what you are getting into, however if you are discovering Rhythm in Blue for the first time, then I will say this. You can certainly read it as a standalone, however, I would recommend Wildfire and Roses to read first as it makes it for a more complete reading experience and additional background information. Plus, they are easy and fast to read, so if time is a constraint, then please do not worry!

This should not come as a surprise but I am going to very highly recommend Rhythm in Blue and also encourage you to read Wildfire and Roses as well if you haven’t. Now that Christmas is around the corner and a lot of us will have some time off, I say this is the best time to snag a book and relax.

I do hope you will love it as much as I did.

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