The Relevance Series by Sarah Addison-Fox

The Relevance Series Book 1
by Sarah Addison-Fox
Genre: YA Dystopian Romance
Publisher: Double Edged Sword Publishing
Publication Date: June 28, 2019
☢☣ For fans who loved Divergent comes an action-packed love story celebrating Autism and Neurodivergence that you won’t want to put down. ☢☣
Mallory’s been hiding who she is for 18 years…
But now her terrible secret has been exposed.
Branded Irrelevant, Mallory is cut off from everything she knows.
Irrelevants are criminals, banished to live in the old city. But in the wasteland between the new city and the old, she stumbles on Cristan.
He’s bitter, paranoid, and possibly crazy…
He may also be right about everything.
To survive, Mallory must figure out who to trust, and embrace the behaviour she’s been taught to deny. 
The answers may lie in a place even the most rebellious Irrelevants won’t go. 
“An addictive adventure story with a Jekyll and Hyde flavour.” ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
“A riveting YA dystopian romance that hits all the familiar beats in fresh ways, and does a great job with neurodiversity.” ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
“The author’s diverse characters in this well-written story are all perfectly developed. I was thoroughly entertained on all levels of this fast-paced novel. Irrelevant, leaves you wanting more at the end with a cliffhanger that reminded me of Terry Brooks. I’m hooked. Brava!” ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
The Relevance Series Book 2
Publication Date: June 28, 2019
Embracing the past means accepting what they made you…
For the first time in her life, Mallory doesn’t have to hide her Irrelevance.
With the help of the rebel Irrelevants and Cristan, she’s embracing everything she’s been taught to deny.
But when an attack goes horribly wrong and Cristan is captured, Mallory will be forced to do what she never thought possible to survive…
Cristan has no choice but to get involved in a war he doesn’t want. Without his help, the
rebels stand no chance of defeating the corrupt government.
To save his brother, to keep Mallory safe, he’ll do whatever it takes…even if it means becoming the very thing he hates the most…
For fans of The Hunger Games, The Gender Game and Divergent comes an action-packed love story celebrating Autism and Neuro Divergence that you won’t want to put down.
Pick up a copy and fall in love with Mallory and Cristan today.
The Relevance Series Book 3
Publication Date: July 25, 2019
Face what you fear the most….
Discovering colour after a lifetime of grey has opened Mallory’s eyes to the beauty of Irrelevance.
But when she learns who Cristan is and what’s he capable of, she’ll be forced to question everything she feels for him…
When Cristan found rebel Irrelevants in the wastelands, he finally had the proof he needed to take down the government who think they own him.
But the rebels have secrets of their own.
Unsure of who he can trust, and with time running out, Cristan will be forced to choose between saving his brother’s life or Mallory’s…
No matter what he chooses, he’ll have to return to the new city and go back to the place that haunts his nightmares…
Sacrifice will be inevitable in the explosive conclusion to the Relevance Trilogy.
For fans of The Hunger Games, The Gender Game and Divergent comes an action-packed love story celebrating Autism and Neuro Divergence that you won’t want to put down.
Pick up a copy and fall in love with Mallory and Cristan today.
I have to say that this was one of the fastest series to read. it took me just a couple of days only because I interrupted my reading with some new KDrama episodes and well sleep.  It felt like book 2 and 3 were a little shorter than book 1.  To be fair, I did not check on my Kindle the page count, but it felt like I went through them a lot faster.
To be fair, after reading, i am not sure what to think. The first thought that came to mind as I was reading book 1 Irrelevant was that it was very similar to the Divergent Series.  To be fair, I could not remember for the life of me what made people Divergent, in this series there are a series of tests that decides if someone is Relevant or Irrelevant.  The series pretty much starts as Mallory is declared Irrelevant and pretty much tossed out of her home and city.
Then we meet Cristian and the rest is history…
What did we expect? Just look at the cover, it just gives it away…
I am not going to dig deep into the plot, but though I liked the idea, it was really running too close to call to the Divergent series.  I honestly really wanted it not to be so, because even without wanting to, my mind kept going there all the time.
Who knew my mind was such a pest?
I think what I am trying to say is that, I get that we can start with some inspiration or loose commonality with another story, but I really had hoped it would have gone into a completely different direction and for me it would have been better.
This is not to say, that the books are bad or anything, they are good, but I think they will be better for anyone who has not read Divergent in recent memory or is just starting with Dystopian universes.
That would be my recommendation!
There is also that sub-theme (not sure how to describe it) or conversation about Autism and Smart Creative Independent thinkers (Irrelevant) and pretty much Smart but mindless follow the rules worker bees/drones (Relevant).  I am going to be honest, I have very basic knowledge of Autism, so I cannot judge with accuracy what has been described in the trilogy, but to me the only character that displayed anything I recognized was Mallory when she was humming and swaying to color etc… But even then, for the rest of the time, she acted pretty much as I would expect in a character going through what has been thrown her way.
As for Cristian, well I did not spot anything, unless his “rages” were what made him so, though IMHO anyone who has gone through what he has, can be excused for losing his shit (that is an understatement) as he does.
Honestly, I don’t know…
I did think the series was nice, and a good and quick read, though I wished for a different ending LOL.  However, if you have not read any YA Dystopian universes, this is sure to be a soft intro into the genre for sure.
I do hope you enjoy it!
Sarah Addison-Fox is a misfit from New Zealand who writes action-packed YA fantasy with a smattering of punch-ups, mega amounts of romance and a dash of family values.
She has an astonishing amount of nail polish, has all her creative writing credentials shoved in a drawer somewhere, and has a husband who, after 28 years, can still make her blush.
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