Bloodline Revelations (Bloodline #3) by Iuliana Foos

Bloodline Revelations by Iuliana Foos
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I am going to it from the get go, after careful consideration, I have decided that this one is my favorite of the series for sure!

There I said it.

But let’s go from the start and Revelations is book 3 of the series. Though I can say that you can read it as a standalone, but I would recommend starting from Book 1 Bloodline Origins, followed up with Bloodline Destinies. The books are well written with wonderful characters and it will give you a lot of background info and intro to the characters so that this book is more enjoyable and the characters closer if that makes sense.

So let’s focus on Revelations and in this latest installment (so sorry I am late for the review) we focus on Theodora and her prophesied destiny. Between us, I do enjoy when people/characters decide to go against what fate is written and see them pretty much fail.

I know, that is terrible to say to see a great character struggle, but in an odd way I was having fun. Is that bad?

Anyhow, so Theodora meets Alex (spoiler: he is an alien) and the rest well is a great entertaining fun bit to read. I did enjoy myself so much and had a huge smile on my face the whole time I was reading, except… well… I will not tell you, but yes…

So just like I did with the previous 2 I am going to very highly recommend Bloodline Revelations as I mentioned above, you wanna read the previous 2 books as well. Iuliana came up with a great series and I am really hoping there will be a book 4 coming after this one!

I do hope you love Bloodline Revelations as much as I did.

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