The Duke of Diamonds by Emily Windsor

Title: The Duke of Diamonds
by: Emily Windsor
Genre: Regency Romance
Release Date: 2nd April 2020
Pre-release: 27th March 2020
Length:   70,000 words
Tropes: A brusque duke bound by duty. A brazen heroine bound by poverty. Art. Trickery. Friendship. Diamonds. And Cleopatra…
Tone: Warm. Witty. Romantic.
Heat Level: Sensual. Moderate.
Tagline: A lady intent on deception… A duke who knows every trick in the book…

A lady intent on deception… A duke who knows every trick in the book…
A passionate obsession with fiery consequences.

With a coldness to match the diamonds that adorn his cravat, Casper Brook, the eighth Duke of Rothwell, possesses all a nobleman could desire…almost.
So when a seductive minx perches upon his desk and claims to know the whereabouts of his one deepest obsession, temptation beckons to uncover all her secrets.

With a boldness to match the red-flame of her hair, Miss Evelyn Pearce possesses naught but an ailing young sister and an coal-black cat…almost.
Her plan to deceive a duke of ruthless reputation is audacious, but in true society, weren’t all dukes braying and buffle-headed with jovial smiles and far too many acres?



We have a new series friends from Emily and it has started with a bang!  If this is the first time visiting or maybe you did not see my previous reviews of Emily’s other series then let me get started and give you the info you need.

The previous series called Rules of the Rogue is made of 4 books:

  1. An Earl in Wolf’s Clothing
  2. Merry Christmas, My Viscount
  3. Let Sleeping Dukes Lie
  4. Marquess to a Flame

I do highly recommend picking them up and reading, cause they are really good fun and since we are all stuck at home, well it is a great way to pass the time if you want.

That being said, you can read The Duke of Diamonds without a problem if you have not read the previous book, those have a couple of familiar faces pop in if you are like me and enjoyed reading the previous series.

As usual Emily does not disappoint, the characters are lively and greatly entertaining, Casper and Eve do really have great chemistry together and they really stood out on their own as well.  Sometimes, I tend to favor one over another a little but in this one, I could not.

I did try, but here my love for them is equal.

I really did enjoy the plot and each of they background stories that is for sure. Just like the other books, it is a very easy read and well-written. I finished it in just one go and could not put it down until the end.

I do believe we get introduced in this book to the main lead of the next one, not sure but that is what my gut is telling me and I have to say that I am really looking forward to it.

I really do hope you enjoy The Duke of Diamonds and fall for the characters like I did, I get the feeling that we might see them again in future and I am looking forward to it.  You already know that I am going to very highly recommend The Duke of Diamond and I hope you love it as much as I did.

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