Review Policy

Am Kinda Busy Reading accepts review requests in all works of Fiction in a variety of genres including Romance (Historic or Contemporary), Young Adults, Steampunk, Science Fiction, Paranormal and  Fantasy.  Other genres will be equally considered so please use the contact form below for consideration.

The majority of the reviews of books reviewed on the blog are selected by blogger’s personal library and choices.  All external requests for reviews will be marked differently on the blog under the Category “Review“.

Review copies are accepted from major publishing houses, eBook publishers and from self publishing authors (pretty much everyone).

Am Kinda Busy Reading will review books in a timely manner; however delays might occur in some cases (Life and work do interfere in mysterious ways with reading time), and for that we apologise in advance. We will do our best to honour all requests submitted.

Am Kinda Busy Reading accepts review copies in hardback/paperback, mobi, PDF or epub formats only.

Am Kinda Busy Reading will try to remain as objective as possible, bearing in mind that it all comes down to personal likes and dislikes of the reader, so let’s be honest; being objective without being tainted by them is tough.  All books will be read with an open mind. We will endeavour to explain any reasons for possible negatives and in the cases of the books submitted for review we will also provide a small synopsis which is not done in our personal choice books quick reviews and intros.

If you wish to send directly hardback/paperback copies of books to review, please use the following P.O. Box address for the US:
Nadine Chucri
4283 Express Lane
Suite 608-321
Sarasota, FL 34249

For Europe and the rest of the world:
Please message me directly using the form below.